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North America

North America is home to it all. Step beyond the typical tourist route and carve your own trail as you set out on a unique adventure. From isolated Alaskan towns to the geological wonders of Utah’s national parks and cities thriving with musical culture, explore those places that may be off your North American radar.

For the holiday seeker who likes to vacation in nothing but nature, there are the dramatic terrains of a Canadian landscape. For those who want to simply relax, the beaches of Hawai`i are waiting for you. Or seek out the hustle and bustle of the big cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas or New York City.

The diversity is profound here, every state feels like a different nation, with a whole new scope of people watching to go with it.

United States of America

The world would be a pretty boring place without the USA. From the land that makes movies and movie stars, you can waltz down LA streets paved with their names; sit in Memphis homes once graced by legends.



Staggeringly large and home to some distinctly diverse regions, Canada is a rich tapestry of contrasting cities and landscapes. 



Aloha. It’s a greeting you’ll hear a hundred times a day in Hawai'i, and one which you’ll find yourself slipping into your own language. With its Polynesian heritage, it’s easy to imagine that New Zealand would be like this if it were miles closer to the equator.


Brilliant ice blue glaciers, whales, moose, bears, remote wilderness and unique native cultures are just some of the unforgettable memories that ‘The Last Frontier’, has to offer. Five distinct regions make up this great land.



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