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Staggeringly large and home to some distinctly diverse regions, Canada is a rich tapestry of contrasting cities and landscapes. The country is truly enormous and packed with all sorts of amazing places waiting to be discovered. As you move between the different provinces, you might be surprised to find the culture changing almost as drastically as the landscape. From Celtic and French influence on the east coast and English in the west, you might need to sometimes stop and ask yourself if you are in Canada. Wildlife lovers will be enthralled by the country’s huge open spaces, sprawling forests and diverse animal life.

British Columbia

Explore British Columbia, where rugged nature meets vibrant culture. From vast wilderness to almighty mountains, British Columbia dishes up the jaw-dropping vistas like it's no big deal. A hiker's dream landscape, the terrain ranges from forest to river to coastline. Do you want to see wildlife that will leave you astounded, if not a little jittery? Welcome to grizzly bear territory, along with moose, birdlife, and if you time it right, breath-taking killer whales. Then there’s cosmopolitan Vancouver where you can load up on poutine and consider your next adventure into the white slides of Whistler. British Columbia’s the adventure capital for powder hounds, its slopes providing the ultimate paradise for snow lovers.


Ski or snowboard in the morning, play golf or go kayaking in the afternoon, Vancouver’s location between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains makes all this possible and also ensures that the city regularly features among the most liveable cities in the world. With Mother Nature on your front doorstep it’s no wonder Vancouver abounds with outdoor activities from sailing to hiking the Grouse Grind Mountain Trail just 20 minutes from the city. But, as British Columbia’s largest city, Vancouver is also a sophisticated centre of arts, shopping and entertainment. Explore farmers markets, exotic Chinatown with its apothecary shops, or spot the stars and smell the coffee on trendy Robson Street.

Eastern Canada

French-speaking Canadians, cobblestone streets, historic buildings, polar bears, beluga whales, dazzling Northern Lights and national and provincial parks are all part of the mix that makes the Eastern Provinces, from Manitoba to Nova Scotia, so rich in heritage, culture and diversity.

Rocky Mountaineer

Unparalleled luxury transports passengers back to a golden age of rail travel; a time when the joy of the journey was as important as the final destination.


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