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By Anna Sarjeant

Be wowed by Canada’s most magnificent attractions.


1 | Seeing bears at eye level
The central coast of British Columbia is arguably Canada’s foremost destination for seeing brown bears. Boasting the largest concentration of grizzlies in the country, spring brings post hibernation awakenings (along with cubs), while in autumn, watching them catch fresh river salmon is mesmerising. Cosy lodges are generally accessible by float plane and have expert guides to take you on bear-watching excursions.


2 | Heli-Hiking the Cariboo Mountains
Soar over giant cloud-punching mountains before getting dropped, by helicopter, onto a meadow dancing with wildflowers. British Columbia’s Cariboos will satisfy every hiker. With jagged peaks and vast sheets of turquoise ice, you’ll manoeuvre between waterfalls and towering glaciers, on landscapes barely touched by human footsteps. Hours later and water bottles are replaced with hot toddies — at backcountry lodges, beside crackling fireplaces.


3 | Iceberg alley
Drifting without fuss down Canada’s eastern coastline, come spring, Arctic icebergs break free from their northern roots and travel southwards to Canada. Through to September, these white behemoths glide between Canada’s mainland and the island of Newfoundland, also known as Iceberg Alley. Watch them pass from the coastline, or don a kayak and give them the old ‘hoo-roo’ from the water.

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4 |
Real live magic

Better than any magic show, the Northern Lights are Mother Nature’s most spectacular performance. The Yukon, in all its un-touched wilderness, offers one of the world’s best places to discover aurora borealis. The dead of winter is your window, simply because the nights stay darker for longer. Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime light show from an outdoor hot tub, beside a campfire, or from the warm cocoon of a cabin.



5 | Stylish accommodation
Fogo Island skims the north-east coast of Newfoundland, offering little more than craggy cliff bluffs, endless ocean and one of the most remote hotels on Earth. Positioned stylishly on the island’s rugged edges, you won’t find a more peaceful place to rest (or clear) your head. If you’re more of a glamour-puss, we also know the very best Canadian lodges.

6 | Eat like a local - Poutine
Cold weather comfort food at its finest. A dish originating in the province of Quebec, this taste of heaven is chips and cheese topped with a rich brown gravy. Basically, perfection.

7 | Follow the polar bears
In autumn, between October and November, the polar bear migration can be observed in Churchill. Only a handful of human settlements host these beautiful creatures. Visitors can safely follow the polar route via tundra vehicles, guided walks, or by staying in local lodges


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