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United Kingdom and Europe

Europe, by any standards, is an international hit. Renowned for its diverse patchwork of history, culture and staggering beauty, it’s a continent of architecture and artists, culture, quirks and cuisine. Everything about Europe is eclectic. Vineyards roll into villages and cutting-edge cities share their borders with century-old castles. Wine varietals are as vast as the vineyards where they thrive, from Riesling on the Rhone to a sparkling region by the name of Champagne, this is the wine capital of the world. European cuisine has been unmatched since, well forever, and the aesthetics are equally delicious. Shaped by masters such as Gaudi and Michelangelo, as well as the Romans, the Greeks and their numerous gods, the artwork is indisputably impressive. A continent of confidence, Europe is a crowd-pleaser and an undisputed head-turner.

UK & Ireland

The United Kingdom and Ireland, unique nations rich in tradition and diverse in culture. Rolling countryside with patchwork fields, circled by stunning coastline, plenty of vibrant cities, and masses of heritage and royal connections.




France is indeed beautiful – from its Côte d’Azur beaches and Loire château to vintage wines and gourmet food. It’s the largest country in Western Europe so there’s a province for everyone and a city for every taste.




Passion seeps into all aspects of life in Italy – you can hear it in the opera, taste it in lovingly prepared pasta, and see it in action as the Italians promenade across their piazzas, talking with their hands.


Heart of Europe

Romantic castles and church spires dot the rolling countryside, historic monuments stand proud in cobble stone squares, sun drenched vineyards decorate the hills, and rivers snake through vibrant cities and quaint towns. 




Spain & Portugal

These countries will captivate your heart with the Romance languages of Spanish and Portuguese, the friendly, passionate people, the Mediterranean climate, culinary delights, unique history, architecture and landscapes.




Greece & Turkey

Greeks started the Olympic Games, the Marathon and the oldest European language. Easily combined with Greek island hopping is the western coast of Turkey, a country straddling two continents.





Behind the overwhelming beauty lies a tumultuous history of conquest by Greeks, Romans, Turks and Hapsburg emperors, resulting in a country that has ancient ruins and medieval cities set against a backdrop of sparkling seas, forests and waterfalls.





Nordic Countries

Northern lights, midnight sun, long cold winters, cutting edge design, fjords and Santa’s home are what come to mind when you think of Scandinavia & Iceland









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