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Why you'll love your ​Greece & Turkey holiday.


Greece’s beauty lies in its simplicity. From a dazzling coastline which is nothing more than azure water met by angel sand, to a simple platter of feta and figs, it’s the fuss free nature of this nation that makes it so attractive. The locals are gorgeous just because they smile. Food is exceptional, yet uncomplicated; is there anything more delicious than fresh tomatoes, a shake of salt and a drizzle of oil? Can we argue that Greece’s many ancient remains are also simplistic? Probably not. Millennia-old architecture and lasting legacies of ingenuity, they’re simply astounding. In terms of archaeological prowess, Athens is a city which really gives Rome a run for her money. With Acropolis perched above the modern citadel, ancient arenas are borderline common and the entire landscape puts a pulse into a history that usually only exists in museums.

And then there’s Turkey, with its ethereal landscapes, archaeological sites, mosques, bazaars and fascinating ruins. The coast twinkles and Cappadocia delights. In the cities the air’s alive with chatter and the thick scent of Turkish coffee, as well as sweet baklava which is best served like the generosity of its people. Warm.

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