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Why you'll love your ​France holiday.

An illustrious nation by any standards, France fosters a prestigious name and the charisma to match. A patchwork of vineyards, villages, slick cities and a rich rural tapestry, days can be as diverse as beach visits and Michelin meals. Sip at a café au lait in a street-lined café and people watch the passers-by while you pick away at a croissant. Oh for the love of French food! From steaming bowls of hearty cassoulet to delightful macaroons, perfectly formed and decidedly fancy, you can’t escape the forever-scent of France’s greatest talent; cooking. Or is it their fashion? Or their architecture? Or romance? Mon dieu, they’re perfect - no wonder the English are so resentful.

From the north to the south, discover the palm-lined promenade of Nice, or the fortified chateaux of the Dordogne. Gabarres (little barges that once carried wine barrels) are perfect for cruising up-stream, while canal boats along the Yonne’s waterways will steal your breath at every turn. There’s really no right or wrong way to see France, just as long as you take regular stops for French bread, pate and a crisp glass of white (in other words do as the French do). Bon voyage, you lucky little so-and-so, you.  

Travel to France - Know before you go

Map of ​​France

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