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Why you'll love your ​Spain & Portugal holiday.

Brothers in arms, today more so than historically, Spain and Portugal stand beside one another like two peas in the same paella pan. You’d be forgiven for finding the similarities, but for as much as they both enjoy year-round pleasant temperatures and a penchant for tapas (petiscos if you’re in Portugal), these two Latino dimes are inherently different. Spain boasts Gaudi and Picasso, with world-famous art hubs such as Madrid and Barcelona at the heart of Spain’s cultural heritage, while Real Madrid is one of the most famous football clubs on the planet. You won’t walk two blocks without stumbling across children volleying in the streets.

In contrast, Portugal is full of world unknowns. A less frequented nib to Spain’s west, cities such as Lisbon remain refreshingly undiscovered – and underrated. With medieval neighbourhoods and colourful street life, ostentatious churches and pastel-coloured buildings glimmering in the sunshine. Then there’s the Algarve; the startling stretch of Portuguese coastline that always basks in gold. Consider these nations as two very different brothers forged from the same mould. One bold and brash, the other reserved and beautifully introverted. Hmmm, now where have we seen that before?

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