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Why you'll love your ​Italy holiday.

Italy, like Rome, wasn’t built in a day. Nor was it built by those adverse to breath-taking aesthetics. From the Romans to Michelangelo, and every master that has since left his mark, Italy is the supermodel of European nations; forever glamorous; old but never aging. Beauty trickles from its grandest architecture to its smallest shot of coffee. And lest us not forget the pasta. When the stomach shouts yes, the hips scream no – but the belly always wins. Welcome to Italy, food-lovers.

From the peaks of pastel-coloured gelato tumbling from plastic tubs, to the plates of pasta piled higher than Pisa, now you know why all the Romans wore togas: the perfect ensemble for an expanding waist line. Between the cultural highlights and the astoundingly in-tact artefacts (why wasn’t history this interesting in school?) discover the real Italy in its dusty towns and rustic villages. The epitome of shabby-chic, where tumbling vineyards flash a medley of faded buildings and a ram shackled air of indifference. Where stone houses and cobbled pavements still emanate with the summer’s heat; the smell of sun-baked terracotta almost as seductive as the home-cooked Italian cuisine. Soak up the magic in the air.

​Travel to Italy - know before you go

Map of ​Italy

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