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Together, we're going to make your holiday to Asia PERFECT. Use the below for some initial inspiration!

1  |  Why do Kiwis love to holiday in Thailand?

Thailand is the ideal destination for a relaxing beach holiday, but one which is quite different to the Pacific Islands. Kiwis are attracted to the food, culture, heritage and accessibility to world-famous hot spots such as Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui. In addition, prices are compelling. Ask us about bonus night offers and deals that allow you to double your stay for the same price.  

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2  |  Discover Thailand's best kept secret.

Off-the-beaten track travel still exists in Thailand. Koh Chang is one of Thailand’s least developed islands: a beautiful slice of land covered in rainforest, mountain peaks and untouched beaches. In fact, so rugged is the terrain, not even McDonald’s dares to brandish its golden arches. 

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3  |  See elephants ethically in Thailand.

No elephant rides to be found here! Elephant Hills is both a sanctuary for its guests and its resident elephants. Located in lush Thai tropical forest, in South Thailand’s achingly beautiful Khao Sok region, guests are invited to interact with Asian elephants as part of their award-winning Elephant Experience.  

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4  |  Plan your dream Bali holiday.

Stunning beaches, excellent cuisine, a sense of spirituality and daily massages at incredibly low prices — what’s not to love about Bali?  

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5  |  Eat at a traditional Balinese Warung.

Because you didn’t book a trip to Bali so you could gorge on a burger, try a traditional Warung and get to grips with an entire tongue-assaulting medley of Balinese flavours. A Warung is a small family-owned business which will open its doors to foreign folk and usher everyone inside for a big bowl of Mee Goring. Made by mama, passed down from nana. Albeit a smidge touristy, Seminyak’s Made Warung still serves a damn fine Balinese dish. A beauty since 1969, it’s a veteran of all things authentic. Having blossomed from a traditional roadside warung into a chic city restaurant, the menu is flush with traditional Balinese fare, while the atmosphere is one you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. 

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6  |  Visit this Balinese island before it’s too late.

Granted, that does sound melodramatic, but Nusa Lembongan — albeit relatively undiscovered right now - is attracting an increasing number of visitors. For good reason too. An island just 30-minutes from the mainland, with sashaying palm trees, isolated beaches, blue water and rustic bungalows spilling onto the beach, Nusa Lembongan is a gem you’ll want to discover before all the others do. 

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7  |  What’s the best way to see Vietnam?

To see the main highlights, we recommend a minimum of 10 days, but ideally three weeks – to see the very best of Vietnam in its entirety. You could travel north-south, or south-north, or if you’re short on time, skip central Vietnam and fly from north to south (or vice-versa). You could spend seven days in either just the north or just the south, flying (and starting) in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. Alternatively, start centrally — from Danang — and work your way up or down via stunning Hoi An. If time's not a problem, go all-out and include a scenic route between Hue and Danang, or Hanoi and Danang with a private driver and guide. Both drives are stunning. Trains are also reliable throughout Vietnam, but the Reunification Express train, which chugs between Hanoi and Sapa, is a real highlight. Slow but intrepid, if you have time to amble, the views are incredible. 

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8  |  In Vietnam it's all about the food.

Ask anyone who’s been to Vietnam about the food and their eyes glaze over. Vietnamese food is sublime and Vietnamese chefs are culinary magicians. Inherently herbilicious - that's not a word but it should be — ready yourself for a taste sensation. 

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9  |  Some of the world's best beaches are in... Japan!

You absolutely have to see the the sand at Sunset Beach, Ishigaki Island. It's pure paradise. Fly in from Tokyo and you can go from urban to Utopia in just over 3.5 hours. With a beautiful beach and a semi-tropical location in Japan’s south, the sand is platinum white and the emerald sea is perpetually inviting. Of course Sunset Beach also offers the optimum spot to watch the sun sink into the East China Sea. 

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10  |  Tokyo is one big beautiful surprise.

A night out in Tokyo's Shinjuku and an amble down the slim walking lanes of the old city (Golden Gai) are a must at dinner time even if you choose not to dine there. Little nook restaurants and bars crammed together only seat a handful of people each but around the corner, modern Shinjuku is a surreal maze of neon colour where everyone from businessmen to eccentrically dressed youngsters swarm. This is Tokyo as you probably imagined and the choice between a themed robot dinner with dry ice and a staged fight or a quiet meal is upon you.

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