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Why you'll love your ​​Thailand holiday.

For the love of good beach. If it needs to be postcard-perfect and plucked straight from the centre-fold of a glossy travel magazine, then Thailand, in all its golden-basked glory, is your go-to. With seas that are warm throughout the year, sand so fine it’s lighter than sugar and water so calm it glistens like a sheet of just-polished glass, grab your togs and not much else – we’re going to flop, drop and sunbathe until it’s happy hour.

Buzzing with the constant ebb and flow of tourists, Thailand also boasts inexpensive restaurants and curries that vary from sweet and fragrant to extremely robust. Foodies shouldn’t miss the street markets, where local delicacies that may or may not be insects (the crunch of vertebrae is often a giveaway) will provide you with an experience that you’ll never forget. And after feeding your stomach, satisfy your cultural hunger. A nation of contrasts, where ancient temples nudge modern new builds and Burmese heritage prevails, Thailand can’t help but beguile guests with its heritage. But back to the beach we go, these pasty bits won’t tan themselves, people.

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