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Known as the ‘Land of the Gods’, Bali is undeniably beautiful. For a small tropical island, Bali has an amazing ability to provide something for everyone. Each region is so unique which makes it impossible to describe Bali as one destination. Take the time to visit chilled out Canggu with its beach bars and wholefood cafes. Enjoy shopping in the great selection of boutique shops in stylish Seminyak and dine where the restaurant scene is vibrant and eclectic and there is a contemporary nightlife. Or escape to Sanur, which is considered Bali’s first beach resort area but still retains its Balinese character and old style village ambience. The calmer waters of Sanur offer a lagoon style beach.

Aside from the main attraction of Bali’s beaches, cruise the water to nearby islands or head inland to the fertile grassy plains, terraced rice paddies, striking lakes and vast volcanic mountains. Ubud is a fascinating place to wander around. It’s a town set in spectacular hillside and surrounded by terraced rice paddies, virgin jungles, lush forest and river valleys. Dotted throughout the island are historical, cultural and spiritual monuments with some of the most breath-taking natural scenery. Food is available at every turn to tempt every tastebud, there are a myriad of activities on offer and accommodation to suit any traveller. You will be enthralled with every step.

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  2. Flights to Bali from NZ generally take around 9 hours from Auckland. Add another few hours if travelling from other parts of NZ…. New Zealand is about 5 hours ahead of Bali.

    Once you’ve arrived in Bali, we recommend having an organised transfer waiting for you when you clear customs. Who wants to start their holiday bartering for taxi rides when you’ve spent 9 plus hours on a plane and not sure if you are getting a good deal! At least with a transfer prearranged, your name will be on a board and you will be taken directly to your hotel. Beating the feet for a short walk is a good way to get your bearings, and gives you the opportunity to see what is around you. Don’t exert too much energy in the heat, if venturing further afield, just get your resort to call a taxi for you (they will have a reputable company they use). If hailing a taxi in the street, check that it is metered. Blue Bird is a good company to use. If your holiday entails more than days at the beach and you want to explore more, consider hiring a driver. It starts from as little as $60 per day and is a smart idea. You get driven from door-to-door and can sit back and absorb all the highlights. Your driver will take you to sites you might not have found yourself. You’ll get insider’s knowledge from a genuine local, including your driver’s personal thoughts on just about everything. Roads can be busy depending on what time of day you are travelling and don’t be alarmed by cars, scooters, livestock and people all sharing the road.

  4. Don’t leave home without your sunscreen! You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors and a happy traveller is one that isn’t bright red! Insect repellent should also be packed as well as a the few essentials to help you feel better should you get ill. Pain killers come in handy if you have a headache, (just remember to keep hydrated so as not to bring on a dehydration headache yourself!) and even some Imodium, plasters, throat lozenges and antiseptic cream are easier to access from your suitcase than a pharmacy. Don’t forget you power adapter & your chargers either!

    Leave your expensive jewellery at home and bring enough cash to see you through the first few days. There are numerous ATM’s in the main beach areas so accessing money is not a problem. Tell your bank you’re travelling to Bali too, so they will be aware transactions will be made in Bali during the dates you are away and won’t cancel any transactions for fear of your card being used by someone else! Light clothing is best, moisture-wicker clothing is handy!

  6. Bali is a fairly relaxed place and many locals are used to the number of tourists that visit annually. Remember that bartering is mostly only accepted at markets and street stalls and won’t be well received in malls or boutiques. Tipping is not essential but welcomed. Dress appropriately for your surroundings, and avoid showing too much skin if not poolside. If visiting a place of worship or a temple, you will need to be well covered. Many temples open for tourists do provide clothing to be worn before you enter the temple surrounds, and shoes may also need to be removed at some places.

  8. Bali changes its clothes after sunset and offers many different experiences. With the sun going down relatively early, you’ve still got plenty of time to enjoy many of the happy hours that bars and restaurants offer. But do enjoy the sunset as well! The beach bars are a great place to watch the sun hit the ocean and disappear for another day, all the while resting on a beanbag with your feet in the sand. For something a bit more upmarket, beach clubs have trendy mood lighting to match the fancy cocktails and a perhaps even a DJ and dance floor. With many great restaurants in Bali, reservations will be required. You can make reservations before you arrive in Bali too, which for some places might be worth doing. Some shops will stay open til sunset, but many spa places are open until late so you can even have a quick treatment after dinner! Not all streets have streetlights, so be aware of your surroundings at all times.




Current time in Bali
New Zealand is 5 hours ahead of Bali



Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)



Current is 240V, 50 Hz. Plug is round, type C.



English, Bahasa Indonesian and Balinese



Bank notes start at 2000 and go up to 100,000.

Visa Information


A visa is required for NZ passport holders.  This is purchased on arrival.

Flight times


Air New Zealand fly a seasonal service direct from Auckland to Denpasar in approx. 9 hours and 30 minutes.

Travel consultant training leave


The optimum time to go is April to October. Temperatures average 30 degrees+ and there’s less humidity.

Air hostess


Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia

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