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Luke’s Story. 

I love that House of Travel is a Kiwi-owned company, and that when I book my travel, I’m supporting a local travel company. I’ve been all over the world with them: to Australia, Japan, the United States, and my favourite so far, Bali. Now that borders are reopening, I’m planning to make good on the trip to Fiji which I had to cancel because of COVID. 


I was supposed to leave two days before COVID closed our borders. House of Travel were amazing, providing me with up-to-the-minute information on what was happening with borders and what our options were. They managed it so well and it was a huge relief when we were able to simply postpone our holiday, a trip we’d been saving towards for ages, all at no cost to ourselves. We’ve waited a long time for a second chance and now we can’t wait to go!

House of Travel is not about the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to holidays. It’s important to me, especially these days, that someone who’s super experienced and knows what I want will take the time to work out my holiday plans – to me, it’s money that’s very well spent.



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