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Let's go somewhere different!

By Anna Sarjeant.

Book trips to places that us Kiwis don't go all that often - but we really should! Here are five destinations we think everyone should experience in their lifetime.

1. Why go to Mexico?
Why Mexico? Because the Caribbean Sea is impossibly blue. Because ancient Maya civilisations left their glorious stamp, and because well, burritos! 

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2. Steak me to Argentina!
Good news, lovers of all things Latino - Buenos Aires is at the end of a direct flight from Auckland. Twelve hours, done. It’s that easy.

Buenos Aires offers history and culture, time-worn colonial architecture and steak served with sauces as tasty as their tango dancers. There are the brightly coloured buildings of La Boca, the elaborate crypts of La Recolete Cemetary and more Sunday markets than you can wave your wads of Pesos at. And then there’s the food. From steaming empanadas to Alfajores (Argentinian Dulce de Leche sandwich biscuits) you’re in gourmet heaven. 

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3. Every corner of Africa is different

From Marrakesh’s medina in Morocco to the great Lake Malawi, you won’t find a more diverse terrain than the African continent. In one instance you could be basking on a glorious talcum-white beach (hello Mauritius!) and two days later you could be climbing through the carcasses of a hundred eerie shipwrecks on Namibia's Skeleton Coast. Next minute you’re on safari, and a day later you’re in the ghost town of Gedi: abandoned in the 13th century due to cannibalism, it's now an eerie terrain of deserted streets, mosques and palaces. No two days are the same in this unique part of the world.

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4. Egypt will leave you wide-eyed and agape
Return to a world of Pharaohs and fantasy, where the test of time has done nothing to dismantle the artefacts that litter Egypt's landscape. From the famed Pyramids to the ever-attentive Sphinx, history isn't history in Egypt. It exists in the present; living, breathing, and quite incredibly, still explorable for the humble visitor. 


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5. Now's the time to Cuba!
Nothing overshadows the dame that is Cuba. She has more charisma than both her northern Florida neighbour and all her Caribbean cousins combined. And boy does she know it. From the plumes of smoke that coil from her iconic cigars, to the crumbling colonial mansions, she may be old, but like the rum that pours from her Havana taps, she only gets better with age.

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