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Africa, with all its many diverse nations (that’d be 54 in total) is a die-hard people pleaser. And that’s hardly surprising when you consider its long list of pleasing credentials. Formidable landscapes? Check. A fascinating history? Check. An incredible mixed-bag of cultures? But of course! Oh and then there’s the small matter of wildlife. Lots and lots of wildlife. And it’s not your run-of-the-mill selection of fauna either, oh no, Africa is home to all the bona-fide cool stuff. Elephants, leopards, lions, you name it, Africa claims it. Zebra! Yes, plenty of zebra. Giraffe! Oh yes, lots of them. And then another trillion forms of animal life to marvel at. Showcasing everything from The Big Five, to The Little Five, birds, bushveld and enough critters to make you go cuckoo (and yes they have them too) you don’t go to Africa and walk away with a simple shrug and a “hmm not bad.” No way. You walk away with a newfound appreciation for the continent that takes first prize for WOW.

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