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Never in doubt when you head to South America

With rainforests that provide 20% of the world’s oxygen and remnants from ancient Incan cities, South America's a continent swimming in sensational beauty. Boasting world-famous waterfalls, drool-inducing cuisine and a feverish passion for soccer that resonates across all its cities, the fiestas are loud, the dancing’s dramatic and nobody goes to bed before sunrise. From its European past to its fiercely proud people, one visit to South America and your jaw will be on the floor. Yep, she really is one attractive lady; a Latin belleza that stuns her guests every month of the year.

You’ll find famed vineyards and ruby-red Malbec in Argentina, alpacas in Machu Picchu and Christ the Redeemer in Rio. It’s one mixed-bag of diverse treasures. Just remember, the whole continent runs to an entirely different time frame. Mornings aren’t for breakfast in South America, oh no. They’re for hailing cabs and going home; and when most people are putting on their PJs and slipping into bed, Sam (that’s South America to you and I) is just about getting ready to go out.

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