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Mexicans like their food fiery, while their pace of life is anything but. Time for family and friends, a party or a siesta- tehse moments are all vitally important to the people of the world's largest Spanish speaking country. Admire the experts grind and spice as they make a fresh batch of guacamole right in front of you. Mexico sets the scene for either a laid-back holiday in the sun, an adventure-filled journey, or both!

Mexico hosts a wide variety of landscapes from barren deserts to volcanoes and crisp rainforests. Combine a tumultuous history from the times of the Mayans and the Aztecs through to Spanish conquistadors and an enormous population speaking over 60 different languages, this destination provides endless variety. Mix in a tasty margharita a mariachi band playing in an elegant plaza, or walk with the unique and colourful Day of the Dead celebrations and you'll certainly experience the Mexican spirit.

Hopefully you don't just stop at the prominent marvels of Mexico City or Playa del Carment and Chichen Itza, because flourishing cities such as Oaxaca, Palenque and, our personal favourite of Taxco, will altogether deliver a proper insight into the real traditions of Mexico.


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