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Fly to Los Angeles from $1257* per person return from Auckland
Travel: 1 November - 14 December 2023, 18 January -26 March, 31 March - 8 April, 21 April - 30 June, 7 August - 15 September 2024, subject to availability
Travel not permitted from Nadi to New Zealand: 9 December - 16 January, 1 April - 7 April, 19 April - 1 May, 10 June -27 June, 13 July -24 July 2024
Surcharge may apply for travel on the weekend.
Sales: until 30 November 2023
Airline: Fiji Airways
Max stay: 12 months

Fly to Los Angeles from $1257* per person return from Wellington

Travel:  1 November - 19 December 2023, 18 January - 26 March, 30 March - 9 April, 22 April -2 July, 7 August - 15 September 2024, subject to availability
Travel not permitted from Nadi to New Zealand: 9 December - 14 January, 31 March - 2 April, 21 April -1 May, 10 June -27 June, 14 July -24 July 2024
Surcharge may apply for travel on the weekend.
Sales: until 30 November 2023
Airline: Fiji Airways
Max stay: 12 months

Fly to Los Angeles from $1575* per person return from Christchurch

Travel:  1 November -18 December 2023, 18 January - 25 March, 30 March -10 April, 22 April -30 June, 7 August -15 September 2024, subject to availability
Travel from Nadi to New Zealand: 9 December - 13 January, 1 April -4 April, 21 April -30 April, 10 June - 27 June, 13 July - 25 July 2024
Surcharge may apply for travel on the weekend.
Sales: until 30 November 2023
Airline: Fiji Airways
Max stay: 12 months

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Find Cheap flights to Los Angeles

Los Angeles - LA LA Land

Los Angeles is filled with sunny skies and shimmering lights, known by all as the film capital of the world. Think reality TV shows, the infamous Hollywood hill sign, Beverly Hills 90210, Malibu Barbie, and extraordinary shopping. Go celebrity hunting and practice your paparazzi skills, or don’t because you might violate some laws, instead join a guided tour or stroll down the main strips - with luck you can update a good selfie with your favourite A or D list celebrity. LA is the place where the USA branded its glam, glitz and superficial bits. The city is theatrical on and off the stage, a place where “FAME” is written in big bright marquee lights day or night. You will find minimum public transport and big distances between suburbs in LA. Hiring a car is essential on your LA Holiday, if you don’t hire a car you’ll probably be advising others if they go to LA to “HIRE A CAR”. Hire your car for your LA trip here to guarantee you the best holiday experience. When you land at LAX, start your holiday exploration at the popular spots. Beyond the superficial, the talent ridden, money hungry, fame seeking gossipmongers, LA has its heavily rooted charm. You will find this charm along the sunset boulevard, the Venice boardwalk and getting lost in the suburban clusters in the City of Angels. There is a humble side parallel to the outlandish façade, so LA also caters to those who like the slower side of life. 


Culture highlights

The cliché about LA culture is that it’s fake, the traffic is horrid and only money hungry unsolicited dodgy deals happen. One thing that LA has is culture, the film industry aside the City of Angels is a breeding ground for art and creativity. The music, theatre and California dreaming of Los Angeles is a catalyst to the cultural experience.  

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When to fly to Los Angeles

Peak season:

LA is always busy from April through October. To avoid the highest prices on flights to Los Angeles, accommodation and entertainment, avoid big events such as the annual Academy Awards in February.

Off season:

Since there isn’t really an off season in LA you’ll only find slightly lower airfares or hotel rates during the rainy season, typically January.


Los Angeles climate

LA has a Mediterranean climate with abundant sunshine and mild weather year round. Summers average 24-29 degrees Celsius and winters about 16 degrees (with some rain). The closer you get to the coast, the cooler the temperature, as the Pacific Ocean makes temperatures 10 degrees lower than areas further inland. "June Gloom" or “May Grey” is a weather phenomenon in late spring, which makes it overcast for much of the day.


Foods and local

The food culture of L.A reflects the life culture, you have two sides; first the cliché Hollywood and the Sunset Strip quintessential gourmet restaurants, coexisting in contrast is the rarely mentioned yet fundamental essence of the L.A food culture. Digging deeper past the layers of Hollywood’s shell, L.A is offering a glimpse of the New America through food. With the world’s biggest Iranian, Korean, and Guatemalan communities outside of their native countries, and inhabitant of 47.5% Mexicans, you can take a bite into what comes closest to a genuine taco from Mexico. There is also an entrenched Californian cuisine culture, the main ingredient to Californian cuisine is fresh Cali produce and fusion of multi-ethnic dishes, and you’ll find yourself either burying your face in a burrito or a Korean Kimchi sashimi fish taco, and possibly some Jamaican jerk pork belly in a Taiwanese Bao, with a side of Ethiopian beef tartare salad in no time, if you don’t find yourself doing that, we highly recommend exploring Californian fusion.

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Hot spot suggestions

If you are visiting Los Angeles, you owe it to yourself, visit one of California’s most eclectic neighbourhoods and walk that World famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. On one side you’ll see a myriad of street performers, artists, fortune tellers, and on the other side lined with colourful shops, eateries and uniquely designed residents. You’ll see anything to everything on this dynamic concrete strip!

Welcome to Disneyland California, the place where imagination is the destination! If you’re visiting Los Angeles you have to leave a day for Disneyland in Anaheim with two amazing theme parks, Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland Park, come and build magical memories with your family that will last you a lifetime. Immerse yourself in tales and meet your favourite Disney characters. It is a place for young and old alike to escape the outside world, and uncover all the magic Walt Disney created. There’s a reason they say it’s the happiest place on earth!

Visit Disneyland California's website for more information

If you’re visiting Los Angeles then you must visit the vibrant and colourful beach town that is Santa Monica. Santa Monica manages to have the ideal balance of seaside delight and coastal sophistication. The lively suburb has a plethora of things to do but the Santa Monica Pier certainly comes to mind! The bustling wooden wharf has its local gift shops, eateries, an entertaining arcade, a massive solar-powered Ferris wheel, some impressive scenic views of the bay and the local fisherman adding colour to the scene. If you stick around till late you will encounter the striking colours of the sunset and the beaming lights of the Ferris wheel, a spectacular combination, you might even be lucky enough to catch some live music on the pier to the sound of the nearby waves.


Flight time to L.A

From Auckland, NZ (AKL) to Los Angeles, USA (LAX) 12h 5m

From Wellington, NZ (WLG) to Los Angeles, USA (LAX) 14h 25m

From Christchurch, NZ (CHC) to Los Angeles, USA (LAX) 14h 40m

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Getting around LA

LA is just a mix bag of mix bags, even when it comes to transport you will get some areas where the public transport is tourist friendly, and some areas that take you to places nobody should be. As previously mentioned when in LA you will need to rent a car if you can, you can do so in our Mix & Match page.

But if you find yourself wanting to just travel around downtown LA, Sunset strip, Hollywood then you have it made. If you are exploring the outer areas or beach areas you will have to catch long rides with multiple transfers to get to the main destination. Even with modern navigation and apps it is still a hassle but if you don’t mind spending time travelling then all for it. You can get around LA taking the Metro rail or Metro bus make sure to plan your journey accurately so you end up where you planned to go.

Airlines that fly to Los Angeles

Hawaiian Airlines, Fiji Airways, Air New Zealand, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Air Tahiti Nui, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines.

Qantas Airways
Qantas Airways
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