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Fly to Honolulu, Hawaii from $867 return from Auckland*
Travel: 1 Apr - 31 Oct 22. Weekend surcharges apply. The dates specified are supplied by the airline providing this special and are not necessarily available on all days.  Seats are subject to availability, particularly for peak season travel over Easter, Christmas & School Holidays.
Sales: until sold out
Flying: Air New Zealand
Max Stay: 12 months
Note: Seat only fare

Fly to Honolulu, Hawaii from $1122 return from Wellington*
Travel: 1 Apr -31 Oct 22. Weekend surcharges apply. The dates specified are supplied by the airline providing this special and are not necessarily available on all days.  Seats are subject to availability, particularly for peak season travel over Easter, Christmas & School Holidays.
Sales: until sold out
Flying: Air New Zealand
Max Stay: 12 months
Note: Seat only fare

Fly to Honolulu, Hawaii from $1122 return from Christchurch*
Travel: 1 Apr - 31 Oct 22. Weekend surcharges apply. The dates specified are supplied by the airline providing this special and are not necessarily available on all days.  Seats are subject to availability, particularly for peak season travel over Easter, Christmas & School Holidays.
Sales: until sold out
Flying: Air New Zealand 
Max Stay: 12 months
Note: Seat only fare

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Honolulu, Hawai'i

Touching down in Hawai'i your mind is already wearing leis, seeing palm trees, relaxing on the white beach with a coconut cocktail, in your Hawaiian shirt. Embrace the resort style Honolulu holiday, but there is a new emerging movement well in the making. This new Hawai'i is full of boutique hotels, culinary degustation and drink concoctions upstaging any coconut cocktail you’ll find from an ‘80s movie. In modern Hawai'i you’ll be doing more than just lying down, make sure you head to Chinatown, fixed with old historic buildings turned boutique world-class cocktail bars and rudimentary local eats. On one side you have the traditional holiday goer activities, on the other a fresh exciting refined Hawai'i to revel. 

This isolated volcanic wonderland is a world of its own. An American, Polynesian and Japanese homogenisation makes the Hawai'i we know. By day a highly popular tropical beach metropolis, by night a romantic, utopia dreamland social scene. Also a surfer’s haven, embedded into the culture, the Ancient Hawai'ian people considered surfing as an art or ritual, for praying for strength and protection from the gods of the ocean. Now an international sport, this Hawai'ian tradition has caused waves all across the world.  

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History of Honolulu

Honolulu translates to ‘protected bay’, as it’s bordered by calm, deep-water harbour. It was around the 12th century the Polynesians settled into what we know as Honolulu, the state capital of Hawai'i. Discovered by the infamous Captain James Cook in 1778, Honolulu was once turbulent and full of conflicts, including the becoming of an American state but most recent warfare we all know is Pearl Harbour during WWII. Since the war, Honolulu has developed into a great pacific metropolis, Honolulu has been and will remain one of the top destinations for people to have a dream getaway. A great encouragement of festivals and events from all aspects of cultures on this Island. Beyond the incredible beaches you will discover the imprint history has blessed this island with.

Best time to go to Honolulu

Honolulu has a warm tropical climate that enjoys wonderful weather all year round. The autumn months between September – December make a good time to visit. The crowds are low, the weather is great, and rates are down. You may encounter some rain during your trip, but rain in Honolulu brings its benefits like its beautiful waterfalls, blooming flowers and delightful produce. You may even encounter Humpback whales that are only in the warm Hawai'ian waters around this time.

Weather in Honolulu

Honolulu has two main seasons characterised by a warm winter and an even warmer summer. Summer (Kau in Hawaiian) is from May through to October, and winter (Ho'oilo) is from November to April. Temperatures in Honolulu differ throughout the year, you’re looking at average high temperatures of 27–32 °C and average lows of 18–24 °C, always remaining warm.

Foods and local of Honolulu

At first Hawaiian food will seem like it was created on the whims of a dare challenge, Pineapple on pizza, rice or noodles or rice noodles; laden with some kind of sauce slaw including every raw ingredient from the sea (Poke) and dare we say it SPAM sushi. You could play it safe and go to a fine dining restaurant where traditional American or French food is served in a nice building with some nice Hawai'ian wall paper which has a Hawai'ian Wahini or surfer print on it. Or you could accept the dare and discover the bold flavours of Hawai'i and reach somewhere over the rainbow like Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole.

If you eat one meal in Hawai'i, make it a traditional one and it will be absolutely delicious! You must try the Hawai'ian speciality, Poke, a wildly popular dish among the locals. The cuisine is a fish salad made up of bite-size chunks of raw fish usually tuna, with some combination of onions, chili pepper, garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil. The ubiquitous Poke is a product of native Hawai'ian culture, one of the most beloved menu items in Honolulu.

Local Hawai'ian produce is a home grown medley of surf and turf and served from farm to table in the chain of production. Go local and you will usually find the best Loco Moco, get the best part of the hamburger filling served with a gravy, try it café diner style at the very popular Café 100 – Home of the Loco Moco apparently, or go gourmet and degust at Alan Wongs, either experience will enhance your Honolulu holiday.

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Hot spot suggestions

MANOA FALLS - Take advantage of the island’s geographical jackpot, and venture out to Honolulu’s natural wonders. For a breath-taking and accessible waterfall you must visit Manoa Falls. You might be eager to reach the top and set your eyes on stunning views of the falls, but take the time to appreciate the surroundings along the way. Surrounded by the peaceful, lush scenes of Manoa Valley, you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different world. This is an amazing experience when the waterfall is flowing at its best, to ensure this you should visit during Honolulu’s rainy season November – March.

HANAUMA BAY - You will be spoilt for choice of remarkable snorkelling destinations in Honolulu! Explore the idyllic Hanauma Bay renowned for its beauty and as a top snorkelling site. Dive into the bay’s turquoise waters and you’ll be amazed by the clear visibility, hundreds of colourful fish, stately sea turtles, and a living coral reef to be uncovered. The best time for you to enjoy the bay is early in the morning the water will be at its clearest.

DIAMOND HEAD – Once a very active volcano that exploded some 300,000 years ago now one of the most identifiable landmarks in Hawai'i. The view from Diamond Head is a sight that is not to be missed with impressive 360 degree views overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The impressive views that greet you at the top are well worth the trek.

Flight time

Auckland (AKL) to Honolulu, USA (HNL) 8h 40m

Wellington (WLG) to Honolulu, USA (HNL) 11h 15m

Christchurch (CHC) to Honolulu, USA (HNL) 11h 30m


Honolulu International airport

Honolulu’s airport is just a short 10-minute car ride to the downtown area, and a 20-minute drive from Waikiki. One of the best ways for you to venture around Honolulu is by car, fortunately the island has some very reasonable car rentals. You can also take the city’s bus system. It is easy to use and gets you to the popular attractions that you want to see. A fun way to explore Waikiki and downtown Honolulu is on the 34-seat, open-air Waikiki Trolley that offers a cool and breezy ride.

More information about Honolulu airport (HNL)

Airlines that fly to Honolulu, Hawai'i

Hawaiian Airlines, Fiji Airways, Qantas, Air New Zealand

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