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Fly to Amsterdam from $1639 from Auckland
Travel: 28 Oct - 14 Nov 19, 13 Jan -20 Jun 20, 1 Sep -30 Sep 20. The dates specified are supplied by the airline providing this special and are not necessarily available on all days.  Seats are subject to availability, particularly for peak season travel over Easter, Christmas & School Holidays. Weekend surcharge may apply. 
Sales: until  6 Nov 19
Flying: Singapore Airlines
Max stay: 6 Months

Fly to Amsterdam from $1639 from Wellington
Travel: 28 Oct - 14 Nov 19, 13 Jan -20 Jun 20, 1 Sep -30 Sep 20. The dates specified are supplied by the airline providing this special and are not necessarily available on all days.  Seats are subject to availability, particularly for peak season travel over Easter, Christmas & School Holidays. Weekend surcharge may apply. 
Sales: until  6 Nov 19
Flying: Singapore Airlines
Max stay: 6 Months

Fly to Amsterdam from $1759 from Christchurch
Travel: 13 Jan - 2 Apr 20, 19 Apr -17 Jun 20, 01 Sep -30 Sep 20. No travel permitted from Amsterdam to Christchurch 2 Jan -17 Jan 20, 10 Jul -22 Jul 20, 7 Oct -9 Oct 20. The dates specified are supplied by the airline providing this special and are not necessarily available on all days.  Seats are subject to availability, particularly for peak season travel over Easter, Christmas & School Holidays. Weekend surcharges may apply.
Sales: until 6 Nov 19
Flying: Emirates
Max stay: 12 Months

Above fares are per adult return. Booking fee of $24.95 per person applies. Flights are subject to availability, will not be available on all flights and may be limited over weekends and school holidays.

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You’ll love wandering around, slowly sauntering or cycling along the canals, narrow alleyways and courtyards. The magic lies in getting lost; go for a roam and find your very own Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a historically rich international city, with a diverse population from 180 different backgrounds all enjoying the buzz. Priding itself on a rich cultural life, the residents, workers, students and visitors are what makes Amsterdam vibrant and multi-faceted. Amsterdammers go by their own rules, practices and etiquette. With an active population, cycling is a healthy and enjoyable way to venture around. Read more about exciting ways to get around Amsterdam from our Inspire page Netherlands: By Bicycle or Boat? 

Just past Amsterdam’s city centre lies the quaint and quintessential towns, where you will discover windmills. Synonymous to Holland, the iconic structures once generated power for many significant industrious sectors. Windmills are also considered a symbol of strength and power; the perfect representation of their homeland. A perfect mix of tradition and modern everything, Amsterdam makes for an adventurous holiday.  

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The Amsterdam Quality of life

You’ll enjoy a low cost of living in this European capital, as well as cultural diversity, a historic city centre and happy locals - with a great work/life balance contributing to the Amsterdam euphoria. An easy commute always makes a holiday, dedicated cycle lanes and well-designed road rules makes a cycle commute around this village like city safe and zippy. The “anything goes” attitude is untrue in Amsterdam. Public drunkenness, rowdiness, and smoking dope in the street meet with severe if silent local disapproval. Within the Amsterdam communities, relaxed unspoken rules, local laws and etiquette still apply.  When interacting with a local Amsterdam citizen being direct and outspoken is the only way; ask any question and you will get an honest answer. Safety is assured in this high tourist city, so bring your family to Amsterdam and experience it all on a delightful holiday.

> Read the Insiders Guide to Amsterdam from our Inspire page


History and architecture of "Amstel Dam"

Earlier in the last millennium, a group of explorers floated down the River Amstel, they forged dams and dikes - the first of the dams is now marked by the Dam square in the city's heart. They became "Amstelledammers", establishing a fishing village in the powerful province of Holland, the city developed into a hub for trade, the arts and politics. 

Architecture as old as 1300 AD characterises the city, you will see a grand display of Orange brick buildings from the 17th century, known as the Dutch golden age, there are also grand Dutch baroque architecture buildings. It was also in the golden age Amsterdam’s magnificent network of canals were build along the canals which strap the city. Amsterdam houses are built taller than any other city in Holland, and vertical living is another unique character to define this magnificent city. 

You will also see numerous amounts of outlived industrious buildings scattered through Amsterdam, which through modern Dutch architecture become cleverly re-purposed designer buildings. Among the historical buildings, an impressive amount of modern architecture spans the city. Dutch architects were a large influence on the developments of modernism in architecture, so in Amsterdam you will see examples of modern architecture which are raised with exemplar demeanor, expect to see some amazing and quirky buildings which will excite every passer by. 


Amsterdam has a climate similar to UK countries, a transition of dampness and mildness, occasional occurrences of extremes in temperature, while Amsterdam has milder winters and hotter summers than UK’s weather.

Spring (March to April): Throughout spring the temperature is cool and it gradually becomes warm in April. If you love cool conditions then you can visit Amsterdam in spring. The average high is 12 degree Celsius and the average low is 2 degree Celsius.

Summer (June to August): This is the best time to visit Amsterdam. The temperature in summer is much hot and warmest. The average high is 21 degree Celsius and the average low is 11 degree Celsius

Winter (December to February):  Christmas and New Year holiday In Amsterdam winter days are short, dark and with the heavy snow fall. The average high is 6 degree Celsius and the average low is 1 degree Celsius

Autumn (September to November): Amsterdam autumn begins with many cultural and film festivals, exhibitions and theatres shows. Full of festivity and family events, autumn in Amsterdam is a perfect family holiday getaway. The average high is 15 degree Celsius and the average low is 11 degree Celsius.

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When to go

April to September - Known as the Tulip Season in Holland, during height of summer tourists and backpackers populate Amsterdam. Many events, performances and open air concerts begin in summer. Canal Gardens in Bloom festival, Gay Pride Canal Parade and De Parade are major festivals in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Visiting Amsterdam in summer is slightly more expensive, due to demand but you can be amid the crowd with our special deals.

October to March - Considered off season for Amsterdam. That said, many of the city’s main cultural events occur between these months, making it an excellent time to find Cheap flights deals. During winter canals freeze over, which provide a different festive experience. Amsterdam in spring hosts events and festivals like Queen’s Day, Easter, Liberation Day, National Cycling Day and more.

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Home spun produce

More than 250 years ago a little beer brand from Amsterdam called Heineken established itself, now one of the world’s most renowned brands, this brewery has stretched to virtual experiences and sponsoring free beer events. Artisan has always been a way of life in Amsterdam, with centuries of practice; restaurants, cafes and craft beers are staple to every culinary fête. Street carts are ample in Amsterdam and unique Dutch delights are not to be missed. You must try Porffertjes; small fluffy pancakes and traditional Appeltaart; a cakey dough which has been stuffed with apples and topped with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice, Bitterballen; a crunch bread crumbed battered ball, infused gooey beef, served with a mustard dip, and our dessert recommendation is the Stroopwafels (syrup waffle); a palm sized chewy cookie waffle with a history dating back to the 18th century, this cultural cookie waffle is best with a cup of coffee or tea.


HOT spots near Airport

Conveniently, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) is located approximately 15 km from the city centre. Getting to the city centre is quick and efficient. Public transport is conveniently accessible for different prices and times.


Bus: You can find buses departing Schiphol Plaza for Amsterdam city directly in front of the Arrival and Departure Halls.
Take Airport express Bus 197; the most direct connection to central Amsterdam.

Check for fares and schedules: Bus 197 Airport Express Website.

Train: Departs from Schiphol near Station Schiphol Plaza, the best alternative way to quickly and cost-efficiently reach the city center. With the train you can travel to the surrounding regions as well as a series of international destinations.

Check for fares and schedules: Netherlands Railways

Private transit options

Taxi: Through AMS you can organizes private, shared and business taxis .

Make a taxi reservation on the AMS airport website.

Car Rentals : Rent my Car for Amsterdam. Pick up and drop off at designated locations.



Euro (€) 

Main Languages spoken in Amsterdam

The official Language spoken in Amsterdam, Netherlands is Dutch.

English is also spoken fluently by a majority of Amsterdam locals. Making your Amsterdam holiday effortless and leaves you time to do exactly what you want.

Flight Times

- From Auckland (AKL) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 1d 1h
- From Wellington (WLG) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 1d 3h
- From Christchurch (CHC) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 1d 4h

More on departures and Arrivals in Amsterdam

More inspiration 

For more inspiration, ideas and tips on what to discover in Amsterdam please check out our Inspire me page.

Airlines that fly to Amsterdam

British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Korean Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Air New Zealand, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

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