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Pacific Islands holiday destinations

You're a very lucky Kiwi. Why? Because as a New Zealander you live on the doorstep to some of the most beautiful tropical Pacific Islands in the world. Destinations such as Fiji and Rarotonga, Samoa, Niue and of course, that little dime called Tahiti, amongst many others. These are places that some people can only dream about. To many they're just a 'one day' destination - a desktop background on an office computer - but to us they're a three hour flight away. Give or take. That's right, Utopia at our fingertips: world-class snorkelling, sugary white beaches and a dazzling ocean that merges from jade to turquoise.

For Kiwis, the Pacific Islands needn't be a pipe dream, they're all well within our grasp. Better still, paradise needn't cost you a fortune.        

Find your ideal holiday in the selection below, find great deals & information on Fiji, Tahiti, Rarotonga and more.



Pacific Island travel brochures

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Map of the Pacific Islands