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Pacific Islands holiday destinations

You're a very lucky Kiwi. Why? Because as a New Zealander you live on the doorstep to some of the most beautiful tropical Pacific Islands in the world. Destinations such as Fiji and Rarotonga, Samoa, Niue and of course, that little dime called Tahiti, amongst many others

These are places that some people can only dream about. To many they're just a 'one day' destination - a desktop background on an office computer - but to us they're a three hour flight away. Give or take. That's right, Utopia at our fingertips: world-class snorkelling, sugary white beaches and a dazzling ocean that merges from jade to turquoise.

For Kiwis, the Pacific Islands needn't be a pipe dream, they're all well within our grasp. Better still, paradise needn't cost you a fortune.        

Find your ideal holiday in the selection below, find great deals ​& information on Fiji, Tahiti, ​Rarotonga and more.


FijiFiji holidays

Imagine a tropical island where there’s fun for the entire family: great kids clubs, great food.  Doesn’t appeal? What about a boutique luxury island haven with enough beaches for you to have one to yourself? Or maybe a more traditional thatched bure might be your style. Read more...


The Cook Islands is undeniably a beautiful destination, and with its many islands there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to choosing just where to go and stay.

People who holiday in Rarotonga all rave about the same things: the laid-back, unhurried atmosphere, friendly people, and the beautiful safe beaches and lagoon. Read more...

TahitiTahiti holidays

There are 118 islands and atolls that make up Tahiti, spreading over 2 million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and traversing five archipelagos, according to Tahiti Tourism. Literally spoilt for choice, how do you know which island you should call home during your holiday? Read more...

New Caledonia Holidays in New Caledonia

Seeing as the French first claimed New Caledonia in 1853 - bringing their well-known affliction for fine wine and food with them, why settle for a mug of soup when you can have a bowl of bouillabaisse? It’s pouring down outside my love. Come to New Cal and we’ll pour you a big glass of vino instead. Find out more...

Holidays in Samoa

Samoa. No shoes required. Slip off your winter socks you’ve been burrowing into the bed sheets and fall into a soft bed of sand instead. The sun’s up, the sea’s calm and there’s a beach Fale with your name written all over it. Say, doesn’t that sound better than another boring day huddled in the duvet? Discover more...

​TongaHolidays in Tonga

We don’t know about you but we’d rather ditch the Netflix and chill out on a Tongan beach. The beautiful islands are dotted with natural harbours, secluded coves and countless isolated beaches. So how about you let go of the remote, and GO somewhere remote? Ah hah!… See what we did there?!? Found out more...

NiueHolidays in Niue

In Niue you don’t need to turn up the air con to turn up the heat. The sun’s shining and better still, it doesn’t come with a monthly power bill. Spend your well-earned dollar on a new snorkel; you’ve got caves to play in, not cheques to pay in. Discover more...


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