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Vanuatu is a country where the sun shines bright but the people’s smiles shine brighter. Absolutely nothing hinders the population’s enviable zeal for life. Simple, sleepy and charmingly underdeveloped, in Santo there are more cows than people. In fact, if it wasn’t for the cattle idly gracing the shoreline, you’d find yourself alone on the beach. High-end retreats flank the green hinterland but it’s the isolation that makes Santo so attractive.

As the most populous island in Vanuatu, Efate is a dazzling holiday hideout, with Mele Cascades its stand-out attraction. A mere 20-minute drive from Port Vila, it’s a beautiful area of lush foliage and turquoise streams. Dip your toes in shallow pools and navigate the gentle creeks, eventually reaching a stunning waterfall and an invitation to swim beneath it. In Vanuatu, visitors are always welcomed with open-arms, and the best news for tourists is that Vanuatu’s long list of appeals will never go away.


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