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Melbourne holidays

Melbourne holidays

Melbourne Holidays

Why you'll love your ​Melbourne holiday

Melbournians can’t move for art, culture and hip happenings. It’s true that they’re pros at providing new and novel things to see, do and try out. For traditionalists, the National Gallery of Victoria has been wow-ing art-seekers since 1861, making it Australia’s oldest public art gallery and a top-spot for truly remarkable art pieces. On the flip side there’s the Gertrude Contemporary Art Gallery which displays international modern artwork across three impressive gallery spaces.

If you really want to experience the city’s gritty art scene, there’s the incredible street art; these works of graffiti mastery need to be seen to be believed. If you’re not quite sure where to start, Melbourne Street Art Tours take you to hidden underground treasures, with the opportunity to meet the street artists and discuss their work. It’s around about here we’d usually mention the great coffee, but it’s Melbourne, so we really don’t have to.

A popular holiday destination for all things creative, Melbourne shopping, live music and eclectic energy, makes Melbourne a repeated holiday destination for New Zealanders. With our great Melbourne holiday packages and deals you ​can experience different. 

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