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Cook Islands

The South Pacific holiday suited to you

By Anna Sarjeant.

On the doorstep, and arguably home to some of the most beautiful places on earth, the South Pacific is flush with gorgeous island getaways. 

1. A Fijian holiday is good for everyone. FACT. 
We’re a lucky nation.... For many people, Fiji is nothing but a sigh-inducing destination: the 'one day we'll do it' holiday; a place to dream about, or a desktop background on an office computer. But not for us. For Kiwis, it’s just a three-hour flight away. Get amongst it!

Kokomo Island is one of Fiji's rarest – most hidden – gems. Nestled between tropical rainforest and four white-sand beaches, there are just 27 villas and six luxury residences, all with private infinity pools. Fronting the world’s fourth largest barrier reef (Great Astrolabe Reef), the diving is profound and the coral is well cared for. In fact, the environment is at the forefront of everything they do here. There's even a 5.5 acre on-site farm with veggie patches, 16 beehives and free range chickens. And yes, you’ll be eating their delicious just-dropped eggs for breakfast.
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2. The Cook Islands for non sun-bathers
If you're not a sun-bather, how about the Cook Island's wealth of other, more adventurous activities? Such as the Cross Island track in Rarotonga. This intrepid pathway weaves from the north to the south, from open fields to mountainous jungle culminating a few hours later at The Needle; a sacred Polynesian rock formation that has stood for hundreds of years. Follow an intrepid route through arching palms and a canopy of native trees; past excitable wild fowl and gleaming waterfalls, before reaching a height of 413 metres. The views across chestnut and shampoo trees are spellbinding and the sapphire ocean for which Rarotonga is renowned shimmers in the distance. If you’d like to experience the Cross Island track with a native Rarotongan, join Pa - a 70-something hippy who has led multiple visitors through his homeland. He's quite the character. Ask us how we can hook you up.  

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Cook Islands

3. Rest your eyes on Samoa's most beautiful places

Spoiler alert - it's Lalomanu.
...Hands down one of Samoa’s most good looking beaches, this is the kind of Utopian hideaway we all dream about. Robinson Crusoe eat your heart out, if you want to get stranded anywhere, it’s Lalomanu. As part of the mainland, the ice-white sand and lolloping palms have ‘come hither’ written all over them. Better yet, the crystal-clear lagoon, stretching all the way from the south coast to Lotofaga, is a protected marine reserve, swarming with tropical fish. If rocks float your boat more than sand and sea, nip behind the hospital at Lalomanu and take a short guided walk to an extinct volcanic crater. Between the boulders and bedrock, there’s also an entire platoon of flying foxes.

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4. Experience the best of Vanuatu in 7 days
Start by exploring Port Vila. A seductively laid-back and easy to stroll around capital on the main island of Efate. Everything is vibrant here, from bold wall murals created by French artist, Aloi Pilioko, to the vast local markets which instill a lively community atmosphere.

Most markets operate seven days a week, from early in the morning to late at night (except for Sunday nights) and are a mecca of colour and delightful chaos. Carry some small change and take a big bag for fresh fruit and vegetables. We recommend trying the fried salted coconut - shards of coconut, deep-fried and served like hot chips.

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5. Did someone say luxury?
For those looking for a little extra luxury, Fiji offers over-water bungalows, beachfront dining and total toes-in-the-sand seclusion. Soak up the blue sea views from the comfort of your cotton sheets at Likuliku Lagoon Fiji. As the first Fijian property to offer over-water bungalows, it doesn’t get more indulgent than stepping directly from your boudoir to the ocean bed. Post-swim, there are freestanding baths with peaceful views, and glass panelled floors to continue watching the underwater sea life. Bliss. 

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