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How you can help

Donate items on the hospice wish list

Hospices regularly publish and update these wish lists – they really can be for anything - from photocopy paper through to kitchen supplies or nursing equipment.

Charity auction or raffle

Why not donate some items for a raffle or an auction, or hold one of your own with things that you no longer have a use for.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers support all aspects of hospice services – some examples include drivers, car cleaners, reception duties, gardening, hosts, shop assistants.

Hospice gifts

Many hospices have products such as calendars or cards for sale, perhaps these could be gifts for family or friends.

 Attend an event

Each hospice has various events throughout the year that you might like to attend. You will have a great time and also support the work of hospice.

Donate goods for hospice shops

Why not have a clear out at home or at the office and donate all good quality items that you don’t need any more to the local hospice shop.

Talk about hospice

Tell your family, friends and contacts about your work with hospice, many people don’t know about our work and you can use your experience to be an ambassador and raise awareness.

Send a free e-moment

You can help to raise awareness of hospice by sending a free e-moment to someone you care about.
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Make a donation

Why not have an office function or competition to raise funds for hospice – have a bake sale, jelly bean counting competition, or mufti day. Please contact your partnered hospice for more information about any of these ideas to support their work.
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