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Top Three Sights in Tonga

Tonga South Pacific
Tonga, Pacific Islands

Top Three Sights in Tonga

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Wing your way to the South Pacific and visit the wonderful Kingdom of Tonga. 
While you could spend weeks at this destination with scores of sights to see, here are three of the absolute must-dos!

Diving and snorkelling off the Tongatapu coast
You haven't seen the real Tonga until you've dived beneath the surface and explored the underwater world. 

Take a diving tour off Tongatapu Island's waters and you might even be treated to the sight of humpback whales. But if you don't see a whale, don't despair because there are plenty of other wonderful creatures to sight, including sea turtles, marlin, manta rays and schools of fish all colours of the rainbow. Check out shipwrecks, cavernous undersea cliffs and ledges, gardens of coral, shadowy tunnels, lava tubes and more. Make sure you head out with some expert guides who know the local conditions well! 

Spend some time in Nuku'alofa
Nuku'alofa is the capital of Tonga, found on the island of Tongatapu. There's plenty to see in this harbourside town, which is home to the country's Royal Family. Check out the Royal Palace, which is the King's official residence, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the port. 

To get a local slice of life, stop by the Talamahu market where you can chow down on tropical fruits or find an arts and crafts item to bring home as a memento. Even if you're not religious, consider attending a church service when at Nuku'alofa for the beautiful songs you'll hear. The town manages to be both sleepy and full of life all at once, giving you plenty of options.

Visit 'Eua Island
'Eua Island is home to a host of ruggedly beautiful sights such as waterfalls and lagoons, which many travellers long to see up close. It's the perfect destination for rainforest hikes, with 'Eua National Park full of stunning vistas including dramatic cliffs, mysterious caves and picturesque beaches. Watch out for migrating humpback whales between June and November - but whatever time of year, 'Eua is simply magical.

The surrounding landscape is also incredibly impressive, built up over time from deposits of ash and other debris. Drawing comparisons to the landscape of the moon, it has to be seen to be believed. 

The island is easy to get to as well. Tanna is just a 35-minute flight from the capital Port Vila. The mountain is easily accessible from the airport, with a number of tours and transfers available. It won't be long before you're gazing at the majestic Mount Yasur!

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