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It’s not just in your head. A holiday — especially a Fiji beach escape — is literally good for you. The science backs it up. You’re physically and mentally better off after trading your smartphone for a little sand and sun. Here’s the proof.

1  |  Even the planning is good for you!

Just the act of imagining the incredible experiences that await gives you an instant mood lift. An immediate sense of wellbeing kicks in as soon as you start dreaming (are you feeling it yet?). 

2  |  Holiday adventures beat any gym. 

Did you know a leisurely swim can burn over 200 calories? That means an afternoon snorkel is basically the same as that 7am HIT class you’ve been putting off. Double down with the gorgeous 2-hour walk in Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park on the Coral Coast or do one better than spin class by riding Bula Bikes around Plantation Island Resort.

Not your speed? Strolling the stunning white sands of Natadola Beach — or any of Fiji’s jaw-dropping coastline — requires two times the effort of stepping on hard surfaces (ie. your commute) at the same speed. That more than earns you a cocktail. 

3  |  You'll get your Vitamin Sea Water.

A dip in the ocean — you know, like the stunning, crystal-clear waters of Fiji — helps improve your immune system and your circulation. It’s true! Studies have found that sea water produces antibiotic and antibacterial effects that promote a healthy immune system. Improved circulation occurs because you’re restoring essential minerals often depleted by stress, poor diet and toxic environments (sound like your office?). What’s more, most of our favourite resorts include free use of snorkelling gear, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and more, so you can really indulge. Win-win!

4  |  It’s better than any spa.

What can’t the sea do? Yes, it even firms and tones skin. Curious? Ask us about resorts where seaweed is abundant. It might look a little funky, but it’s known to decongest fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Plus the salt in seawater is a natural exfoliant, so it’s great for a nature-made pedicure, all-over body scrub and a facial exfoliant. Even better, the sea is a very rich source of silicon which promotes great skin.

There's an exotic new hangout making Fiji even more idyllic.

5  |  It’s seriously depression-busting. 

We know what you’re thinking. Prolonged sunbaking isn’t a great health call, and that’s true. But sunshine in moderation can actually promote wellbeing by boosting the production of vitamin D. That in turns helps us do important things like absorb calcium, maintain bones and fight serious disease. Be sensible, load up on sunscreen and don’t go crazy: As little as 15 minutes of Fiji sunshine can alleviate depression! 

Bonus! The extra sleep you get on holiday boosts serotonin and dopamine, two boring-sounding brain chemicals that seriously optimise your mood. 

6  |  It’s basically the same as meditating.

You know, that thing you’ve been saying you’re going to do. This is a bit of a short cut. Researchers agree that gazing over the ocean is a profoundly effective stress buster. Better yet, the sound of breaking waves has an immediate calming effect that grows over time. Ask us about Fiji’s famous oceanfront bures, and let the tide lull you into what might be some of the best sleeps you can have.

While you’re busying breathing, you should know that sea air boosts the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Why? That deliciously fresh air is mixed with tiny droplets of sea water enriched with salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements. The benefits don’t stop there. All that extra oxygen leaves you feeling incredible.

Want to really maximise your wellness? Ask us about Six Senses Fiji, a sliver of paradise on Malolo Island whose spa, dining and experience packages will leave you feeling new.

 7  |  Holidays — not things — truly make us happy.

Studies have shown that experiences make us happier than material things. A shopping trip is a short-term hit of happy, but a well-deserved Fiji holiday will boost your happiness long after you’ve returned home. For your most incredible getaway yet, let us add unforgettable experiences to treasure — a private picnic on an empty stretch of Yasawas beach, a village visit with the kids or a couples massage under the stars.

Ready to pick your own adventure? Incredible island holidays are just a click away. Better yet, come in-store and chat with one of our friendly travel experts. We love pairing Kiwis with their perfect holidays!

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