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Why you'll love your ​​​​Las Vegas holiday.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

Possibly the world’s most memorable tourist slogan, it’s a pearler because it’s true. This city was made for sinners and there’s no point sugar-coating its naughtiness. Just ask Celine Dion, she’s taken residence here for decades. And Britney isn’t shy of a well-extended stay either. It’s the G-word that keeps reeling them in. Gambling and lots of it. There are also many, many Las Vegas rides. From roller coasters that weave in and out of hotels, to carriages designed like New York taxicabs, you’re in for a non-stop thrill. You can also shop until you have to pawn your own wristwatch.

With The Venetian and its Grand Canal Shops boasting an 85,000-square-foot Barneys, it’s also home to gondola rides, a replica St. Mark’s Square and over 30 daily street performances. The Bellagio is where you head for designer goods and of course, film-famous fountains. And if you want to take in a Las Vegas show, Le Cirque Soleil is permanently fixed and synonymous with the city’s renowned theatre scene.

With no fewer than nine different acts, the cast have taken up full-time residency in the city of sin. Maybe they hang out in the same rooftop Vegas bar as Celine? 


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