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Cuba might be one of the last outposts of communism, but the tropical Caribbean heat together with the Cuban personality have blended together to create a unique, lustrous brew. Once controlled by Spain, its influence still lingers amongst the magnificent Baroque buildings and music. Tobacco and sugarcane plantations create lush vistas, flamingos inhabit offshore islands, luxury resorts grace white sand beaches. And everywhere, there is music - salsa, jazz, song and rumba. So dance the night away with the help of a Cuban cocktail!

Our favourite Cuban spot is the town-on-the-beach with music-on-the-streets Trinidad. Wealth from a sugar-boom era can be seen in the town's ornamental church towers, wroughiron grills and run-down marble mansions. Visit the Taller Alfarero, a large ceramics workshop where traditional techniques are still used and art-filled streets commemorate this local talent.

An eccentric side to its traditions are the enchanting vintage cars, which is everyday life in Cuba. Cuban life spills from the home to the streets- locals chat, drink coffee, play music and dance. Get amongst the vibe while you can, as there isn't another country quite like this in the world.


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