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​Taiwan the treasure island

Experience a giant cultural Galapagos molded for over a millennia, enjoy the charismatic Nippon during a Japan holiday. On the surface Japan appears modern, as you travel through the country un-scroll a perfectly balanced landscape, that crosses over the traditional ​of the millennium of civilisation, blossoming into everything that the modern Japan is.

Drawing influences from across Asia, Japan has stitched and crafted an artisan culture all visitors become entranced by, many return ​developing an obsession for this land. With so much sanctioned cultural elements, the amiable nation display quirky characteristics that’s distinctly Japanese.  Set into Zen amongst the 3000 temples in Kyoto. Sink into an Onsen bath the Japanese have turned into ​a religious folk practice. For the food lovers with an intricate taste for the quality, from simple Don(rice) and Udon meals to complex celebratory Kaiseki Ryori, consisting of multi courses that require high level skills and techniques to prepare. 

​Fly to Japan and celebrate the multitude it has to offer. Banzai!

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