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When it comes to Asia, lose your inhibitions and go full throttle.

A continent of fascinating diversity, one corner might present historic tales detailing heroes and villains, while the other will dazzle with futuristic skylines and bright urban lights. You’ll get swept away in cultures that have been forged over many centuries, and stories that are depicted in time-worn towers, pagodas and even jungle-clad temples. From mesmerising monuments to time-honoured traditions, the only consistent on this compelling continent is tantalising cuisine (we’ll have you chopstick trained in a flash) and hospitable locals – complete with wide smiles and beaming faces.



Often overlooked, Taiwan is a small island with big things to offer. Diverse, charming and always authentic, this little hub of Asian splendour is just as alluring as its lofty next door neighbour, China.

Over the centuries many diverse cultures have inhabited Taiwan, including the Indigenous Taiwanese, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, and Han Chinese. Take a closer look at historic influences such as Fort Santo Domingo in in Xinbei, built in 1629 by the Spanish and a beautiful spot for an afternoon picnic. Fort Zeelandia was built in the 17th century by the Dutch and The Chimei Museum offers a clear example of European-influenced architecture. In Taipei, the National Palace Museum is home to an extensive collection of Chinese imperial artefacts.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka enjoys a tropical climate with varying temperatures depending on location. Coastal or upland areas benefit from cool mountain and sea breezes all year round. Monsoon season, which varies from South & West to North & East is the only season as the country enjoys a close proximity to the equator giving it year round temperatures on average of 27 degrees celcius. With such diversity you really get to experience the history, culture, archaeological and natural treasures whilst not forgetting the beautiful beaches you really will discover why Marco Polo described this as “the finest island of its size in the world.” Distances are not often so large as first thought, so even if you are limited on time in Sri Lanka, you will be able to experience many things and take home many amazing memories.


The Philippines

Not far away from the beach resorts of Phuket and Bali, or the mega cities of Bangkok and Singapore is another country that has perhaps been sitting in the shadows of its more popular neighbours for far too long. This country has over 7,000 tropical islands, most with beautiful untouched beaches. It has a megalopolis of 24 million people. It has huge forests hiding an amazingly unique array of wildlife. And an incredibly long and diverse history to be learned.

Beaches aside, the islands do hide other attractions. Volcanoes are a common site, as are large karsts similar to the likes of Halong Bay. In the mountainous north of the country, the hillsides have been carved up and turned into vast rice paddies. Then there’s the truly unique spots such as the Chocolate Hills, an amazing site of hundreds of perfectly shaped hills covering one of the islands; and Puerto Princesa Underground River which is navigable and stretches up to 8 kilometres inland.

The inhabitants of the many islands are diverse and wide ranging. There’s the tarsier, one of the smallest species of primates in the world and one so cute that you’ll be tempted to smuggle one or two home with you. There’s anteaters, tigers, wolves, a billion different types of monkeys and over 600 species of birds, nearly 200 of which are only found here.



From stunning beaches and islands with world-class snorkelling and diving, to the vast rainforest and national parks abundant with wildlife, mixed with the amazing cuisine, great shopping and friendly people. Malaysia makes for a great holiday destination no matter what your tastes are.



India’s bounteous heritage includes not just breathtakingly beautiful architecture, rich traditions and diverse cultures but also mesmerising and scenic landscapes. From the challenging snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas and the cool hill stations of the north, to the alluring beaches on the western and eastern coasts and the ornate temples of the south, India has the variety to satiate the interests of all those travelling through the country.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is literally a living fusion of traditional Eastern and Western cultures. It’s fast paced with a dazzling array of high rise buildings, neon lights and billboards. Split into two by the harbour, Hong Kong has two main regions – Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

For such a compact island, Hong Kong Island carries plenty of punch as a holiday destination. With the many shopping options, restaurants and bars around the Central district and a journey to the Peak for a bird’s eye view of the island – and beyond. Venture to Stanley Markets, marvel over the temples at Aberdeen or dine on seafood at Repulse Bay.

A tourist hot spot, Kowloon’s famous Nathan Road and its ‘Golden Mile’ are a magnet for bargain hunting shoppers and diners. Tsim Sha Tsui is one of Hong Kong’s major entertainment areas, popular both during the day and after dark. Visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Space Museum before venturing to the Peninsula for its world renowned High Tea.

While she feels like a cosmopolitan city, under her contemporary exterior is a traditional Chinese lady at heart. Peer down from Victoria Peak, wind your way through the streets of Mongkok, bag a bargain at the markets, and without a doubt the harbour is the centrepiece, with its dazzling skyline and nightly ‘Symphony of the Lights’ fireworks and laser light extravaganza.



After being a world power centuries ago then closing their doors to outside influences, China has opened itself up again and is taking its place preening on the world stage.  Diverse, exotic and mysterious, China has a rich culture stretching back at least 4000 years. China is as unique as it is eclectic, from the hustle and bustle of huge cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, to the quiet introspection of the monasteries and temples. Even the cuisine varies dramatically from one province to another.  While cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are certainly must-see destinations, you can only truly appreciate this huge nation if you explore the countryside and see the contrasts it has to offer.  Chinas resurgence as an economic powerhouse has brought a new freedom and new opportunity for foreigners to explore this fascinating country.



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