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Azure waters met by angel sand, barrels of feta and tavernas serving Ouzo. Greece is undeniably idyllic. More-so when hopping between islands via ferry.

There are multiple islets, but Mykonos is most likely the head-turner you dream about, with sugar-cube buildings and bright blue doors.

Santorini’s defined by its cliff-cascading position and cobalt domed roofs, while the islands of Chios and Samos are a little more sedate, famed for tiled villages and sweet Muscat wine.

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"Discover the island of Sifnos – Greece’s best-kept secret! Enjoy a morning of gastronomic delights, cooking with a local family at Narlis Farm, a three-generation working farm”

Grace Hadfield, HOT Ashburton

Sarah Crowe, from HOT High Street Lane shares her Greek Island indulgence.

The only thing as beautiful as Greek sights is Greek food. Olives are everywhere and the locals’ standards are exacting. It probably goes without saying that the seafood is the freshest around, and calamari is something of a natural treasure. The decadent feta and other cheeses are unmissable, but you really must leave space for moussaka, a baked dish of heaven involving aubergine, mince, tomato, garlic, spices, and cheese.

If you like a cocktail, taste the ouzo, a dry anise-flavoured aperitif that is unspeakably strong - I don’t recommend matching the locals sip for sip! Wine drinkers should try asking for local barrelled varieties, which are delicious and much cheaper than bottled.

Punctuality is not a top Greek priority, and popular attitude is that nothing needs to be rushed. As a result, it’s best not to expect fast meals in tavernas or public transportation that runs like clockwork. Instead, think of it as a reminder to slow down, sip in the salty air and enjoy your holiday – island style!


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