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House of Travel Honeymoon Bridal Registry

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The ideal wedding gift idea.

The Honeymoon Bridal Registry allows your guests, both overseas and at home, the convenience to contribute to your wedding and honeymoon with ease. It works in the same way as any gift registry except that with the Honeymoon Bridal Registry your guests ‘gift’ to you is in the form of monetary contributions towards your wedding and honeymoon.

Benefits of the Honeymoon Bridal Registry are:
  • It’s easy, hassle free and gives you a gift you really need
  • Reduces the costs of the wedding and honeymoon for the wedding couple
  • Allows you to add activities to ensure you get the most from your honeymoon experience
  • The Registry is free to set up so you will receive the entire monetary contribution from your guests to use towards your honeymoon or travel requirements booked with House of Travel
  • There is only a small cost for the ‘Honeymoon Bridal Registry’ cards, designed to be sent out with your wedding invitations to guests advising there is a gift register available at House of Travel, and the ‘Congratulations’ cards, designed to sit inside your guests wedding card as an acknowledgement of their contribution towards your Honeymoon Bridal Registry
  • There is no cut off date prior to the wedding, for the register
Let your local House of Travel organise your Honeymoon Bridal Registry for you with ease! 

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