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Video: Exploring Paris

Video: Exploring Paris

story by: House of Travel

This ‘Exploring Paris’ video offers vital tips for what to see and do in Paris, including how easy it is to get there from London.

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<img title="Exploring-Paris-Video-Tile" alt="Exploring Paris" src="/images/france---paris/exploring-paris-video-tile.jpg?sfvrsn=2" sfref="[images]080db123-bb9b-488c-bfac-67cfa4fa1f86" /><img width="500" width="500" title="Arc de triomphe, Paris" alt="Arc de triomphe, Paris" src="/images/france/arc-de-triomphe-paris.jpg?sfvrsn=2" sfref="[images]ed90a697-549e-4189-972a-a795225c2934" /><br />


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