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From rough to luxe, it’s easy to get out of the "ghetto" and re-reconnect with nature in Tasmania.


1. Multi-day wilderness treks
To take a hike in Tasmania is to plunge into the bellows of Earth’s most rugged landscapes. The Overland Track is arguably the most iconic, notably for its impressive highland and deep forests, whereas the Three Capes Track, a relative newcomer, covers 46km over four days and teeters along razor-sharp cliff edges. The Bay of Fires, although ominous by name, promises some of the most pristine landscapes in Australia, departing daily from October to May, allow four days for the full experience. Finally, for the truly intrepid wanderer, the eight-hour return walk to Lake Judd in Southwest National Park calls for river wading, cable crossing and the navigation of spectacularly muddy grass plains.



2. The Southern Lights in your view-finder
Indeed, the Northern Lights might steal the (night) show for auroras to write home about, but the Southern Lights, seen year-round from Tasmania, still hold their own. The light display isn’t quite as dramatic as its northern brother, rarely visible to the naked eye, but if you’re a keen photographer, the results will be equally jaw-dropping. Find a spot on a remote beach and snap away. The best unobstructed views are from Mount Nelson and the South Arm Peninsula, as well as Kunanyi/Mount Wellington - but the icy winds can really nip at your nose. Alternatively, try the beaches on Tasmania’s far southern tip.



3. Digital detox in the wilderness
Restore your seven chakras by completely removing yourself from modern civilisation. Stay a few days on Bruny Island - just 20-minutes by chug boat from the mainland and a million miles from reality. Wind whipped and barely touched by human traffic, there are beautiful swimming and surf beaches, plentiful fishing and various food artisans specialising in oysters, cheese and chocolate. For panoramic island views, clamber through ancient Gondwana rainforest to the summit of Mount Bruny – the islet’s highest point. From low-key to super luxurious, back on the mainland, Saffire Freycinet Lodge enjoys a beachfront setting beside peaceful bushland. Days are wistfully spent practicing yoga and meditation, or sipping chamomile leaves from the revitalising tea menu.    


4. Glorious glamping
One of the many charms of Tasmania are its low temperatures. No, we do not jest. With summers that barely hover above 20 degrees, and winters that are considerably colder, it’s the perfect place to get cosy. Imagine bunking down in a luxurious canvas tent, snuggling into an enormous blanket and sipping on red wine by the fireplace. Tasmania is the ideal destination for hot toddies and good books; steaming bath tubs and indulgent dinners. With lodgings that flank the banks of the Derwent River, or tuck themselves away into native forest, you can sleep beside the seaside, under a sheet of stars and in teepees or safari tents. The glamping options are endless.



5. An oasis for nature lovers
Indulge your inner eco-warrior in Corinna. A former mining town, it is now a haven for nature-lovers and a prime spot for bird watching, forest walks and river boating. Irresistibly peaceful, Corinna is enveloped by lush rainforest and fronts the banks of Pieman River. Remote, yet hospitable, those looking for a relaxed wilderness experience should embark on an historic Huon pine riverboat, or commandeer a kayak, for a journey upstream, paddling past waterfalls and ancient Tarkine rainforest.


6. Shuck your own oysters
Australia's freshest oyster experience exists in Tasmania, to a point you’ll be plucking them out of the water yourselves, and devouring seconds later. Freycinet Marine Farm is a few hours from Hobart Airport, but you will be well rewarded for your efforts. Situated in Freycinet National Park which is famous for its Great Oyster Bay, it’s here you can pull on a big pair of waders and venture out to a semi-submerged dining table. Freycinet Marine Farm covers 150 acres of oyster-rich water and they will set your table amongst it. Complemented with Champagne, simply wade out, dip, pluck, shuck and swallow.

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