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Family cruising in Antarctica  

By Beth Alison.

Cold hands and warm hearts! We’ve found far-flung travel brings us closer. This year, House of Travel's Beth Alison voyaged to Antarctica with her family...


Nobody can remember whose idea it was to try our first family cruise, but that person was a genius. (Must not have been my brother.) Family cruising is a no-brainer when you think about it: With tons of on- and off-board options (and, let’s be honest, a couple of bars), everybody can find something. Then it’s time to meet for dinner, trade stories and anticipate the next day’s excursions.

This Christmas, my family did our most adventurous itinerary to date - Antarctica. It’s so remote that cruising is the only way to tour. I can say it was constantly breath-taking, but nothing will explain it. Playful penquins, whales passing 100 meters from the ship, mountains rising from the sea, unblemished silence. Even my mother was speechless. Every day we raced each other in kayaks and pummeled each other with snowballs, and that leaves no time to argue over politics or who forgot a birthday. Then, back to your own stateroom!

If you’re considering Antarctica, make it happen. It’s worth every penny. And hey, why not invite your family?  

My more adventurous relatives joined me for snowshoeing (centre), while the less
ambitious took in the incredible views from the ship.


BELOW $10,000pp
Larger cruise ships usually visit as part of a longer South American voyage, for a taste of what the destination offers, without putting your feet on the ice. Expect lots of scenic cruising and on-deck opportunities to watch for wildlife. Don’t forget your binoculars!

ABOVE $10,000pp
Luxury Expedition ships complete with their own fleet of zodiacs and destination experts. Get up close and personal with the great white continent and its inhabitants. Despite Antarctica’s remoteness, you won’t compromise on comfort or luxury.

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