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Here are a few of our other favourite train journeys currently chugging across the planet.


1. Superb Switzerland

When one thinks of Switzerland, the imagination conjures images of snow-capped mountains, gorges, valleys, and glaciers. Over 7.5 hours and 290km the Glacier Express showcases it all.


2. Bok choice

The Blue Train is one of the most comfortable ways to travel across South Africa. Passing views include Table Mountain, rolling vineyards and jubilant children waving from the trackside.


3. Aussie Express

If you’re intrigued about Australia’s great middle, jump aboard The Ghan and venture into the very heart of long “forgotten” lands, freckled with roaming camels and Indigenous cultures.


4. Trans Mongolian train journey

Our very own John Crouch has experienced this one, so we grilled him for all the need-to-know info:

Where does it go? This legendary train journey starts in Beijing, China, travels through Mongolia and finishes in Moscow, Russia.

How long does it take? Between 2-4 weeks, depending how often you get off the train and stop in the cities enroute.

What are the highlights? Walking on the Great Wall of China, staying in a traditional Mongolian ger (tent) in a national park, swimming in Lake Baikal’s crystal-clear waters and exploring the Kremlin in Moscow are just a few of the unique experiences you can have.

Is the train luxury or low-key? There are public trains (3 star), which both locals and tourists use. Alternatively, there are private trains (5 star) which are solely for tourists.

Where do you sleep on-board? On the train, you have a choice of 2-berth or 4-berth compartments.

What do you do on the train? Sit back, relax and watch the incredible landscapes unfold – mountains, deserts, forests, grasslands and lakes.


5. Great Southern Rail Indian Pacific

Experience the golden age of train travel with Great Southern Rail. Journey aboard the Indian Pacific and spoil your senses with gourmet food, spectacular views and five star service. Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the railroad’s creation, so there’s never been a better time to indulge in a trip which is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Beginning in Sydney and culminating four days (and three nights) later in Perth, The Indian Pacific covers a whopping 4352km, making it Australia’s longest rail journey. The route can also be booked in reverse, either way you’re travelling from coast to coast, passing the Blue Mountains, Adelaide and the barren expanse of the Nullarbor, weaving from gum tree to goldmine, ghost town and grape vine.


6. Spain's El Transcantabrico

This is deluxe train travel to rival any of the world’s great train journeys. Following the old rail road’s in Northern Spain it travels from León to Santiago de Compostela or from San Sebastián to Santiago de Compostela. A seven day journey will have you enjoying the very best cuisine, the finest museums and the magic sights and sounds of this “green” Spain, from the lands of Castile and León, to the shores of the Bay of Biscay.


7. Take to the tracks with Rocky Mountaineer

First Passage to the West is one of the Rocky Mountaineer’s most popular routes through the Canadian Rockies.  Sit back and soak up the wild beauty while tucking into three-course meals, joining a tour or simply pressing your nose against the glass.

Are you ready to ride the rails? Holidays are a click away. Better yet, come in-store and chat with one of our friendly travel experts. We love pairing Kiwis with their perfect holidays!



Indian Pacific rail journey: Our top tips.

By Anna Sarjeant

All aboard the Trans-Siberian railway.

By Mike Williams

All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

By Mike Williams

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