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By Anna Sarjeant

Here's our pick for what's currently trending on the Gold Coast for families. 

Water biking in the GC sunshine

Look dad, no hands! Or tarmac, for that matter.

Seaway Waterbike Tours don’t take the conventional bike route (I.e. the road) but instead guide their guests across Broadwater estuary aboard buoyant water bicycles. Sitting somewhere between a dinghy and a push bike, these aqua-mobiles are simple to use and easy to manoeuvre. Join a guided tour and pedal to a nearby island for snorkelling, or an afternoon of wallaby-spotting in the bush. Both kids and adults love the beautiful clear water which brims with sea life, plus, it’s not every day you find yourself cycling on water.

HOT tip: Consider yourselves a free-spirited family? Hire by the hour and design your own watery route, without a guide or group.



2. Treasure hunting for thundereggs
For the mini geologists in your clan, thunderegg fossicking is the ideal mix of discovery and getting muddy, which we all know children love. Thundereggs are other-worldly rocks formed from volcanic ash layers, and Thunderbird Park, at Tamborine Mountain, is home to the world’s largest mine. Equipped with buckets and picks, keen foragers, aged five years and above, are sent on their way to dig out the mysterious thundereggs.

HOT tip: Once unearthed, staff (for a small fee) will cut the rocks in half to reveal crystals which hide within. Anything found can be taken home - the perfect trophy for children’s bedrooms.

Gold Coast



3. Expect the unexpected at Infinity 
Best described as a sensory experience composed of special effects, music and illusions, Infinity is a nutty indoor kingdom fronting Surfers Paradise Boulevard. Some people simply describe it as indescribable - such is the obscurity of the place. Give yourself at least half an hour to wander through a series of eccentric rooms, from mirrored mazes to funky disco areas, where an awesome sensory overload awaits. Infinity will make you question what’s real and what’s not.

HOT tip: A labyrinth of wacky magic, we recommend taking children over the age of eight. Infinity attracts a flurry of repeat visitors, all of whom rave about its uniqueness, so expect them to yell “let’s go again.”



4. You’ve done the roller coasters, now try abseiling
Daredevils eager to try something different to the usual GC thrills and theme parks, should head to Point Danger at Coolangatta. If the name alone isn’t adventurous enough, the stunning skyline of Surfers Paradise will take your breath away. Companies such as Paramount Adventures provide the ideal introduction to outdoor climbing and abseiling, and while no experience is necessary, we recommend this one for older kids. Once you’ve scaled and descended the 15-metre rock face like a modern Spiderman in the making, relax in the sunshine with a barbecue.

HOT tip: Paramount Adventures run abseiling adventures every last weekend of the month. If you miss that, head for their Paramount Indoor Rock Climbing Gym, where everyone can climb safely from the age of five years and up.

Abseiling adventure


5. Enter a realm of virtual make-believe
Once upon a time virtual reality was the future, but today, it’s very much part of Southport. As the world's first holographic entertainment centre, Holoverse invites visitors to get completely lost in a world of make believe. Kids and gamers are in their element, but even adults get the chance to live out childhood adventures. With forty hologram rooms, you can sit on the seabed with turtles while fish swim around your head, explore ancient civilizations or fight wayward robots with swords and guns. Basically, you can spend the entire day walking through walls and running from charging rhinos. It’s magic.



6. Feed wild Lorikeets – for free!
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary will leave the widest of smiles on your kids' faces. Grazing kangaroos can be hand fed, and the sanctuary’s resident crocodile – albeit a monstrous 800kg and called ‘Boss Hogg’ – allows one lucky (or raving bonkers/brave) guest to give him his daily feed. Even those who don’t enter the park itself can still feed the local lorikeets. Every day at 8am and 4pm, these amazing and very amicable birds swoop in to fill their bellies. Guests, holding trays of snacks, become instant landing posts, and it has been known for several lorikeets to perch on arms, shoulders and even heads.  

HOT tip: No entry to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is required to watch the feeding lorikeets, but it’s worth carrying some loose change for the gold coin donation.



7. A night at the outdoor flicks
For parents, it’s nostalgic and for kids it’s completely novel - enjoy the magic of Yatala Drive-In Movie. As long as you have wheels, and in the Gold Coast, hiring a car is always advisable, you can rock up and watch a film with the fam. Kids really love it because they get to wear their PJs. Stock up on all the ‘treat night’ snacks from the café which sells cold milkshakes, chips, popcorn and (the almost mandatory) hot chocolate with marshmallows, then sit in the comfort of your car. Take blankets for snugness, some chairs if you want to sit under the stars, and to secure a decent car spot, arrive at least one hour before the film starts.

HOT Tip: To find the flicks, tap this addy into your Google maps: 100 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road.



8. Wild dolphin feeding
As night falls over Tangalooma Island Resort, a gang of playful bottlenose dolphins frequent the shoreline. They’re here for the free food, and quite possibly the attention too. If you’re lucky enough to be in the water at sunset, you’ll get the opportunity to hand feed them. The dolphins are completely wild and come along at their own freewill, and seeing as they visit nightly, it seems they are more than happy to interact with their human friends.

HOT tip: To observe and feed the dolphins in their natural habitat, visit on a selected day tour, or ask us about staying in the resort itself.   


9. Other fun things worthy of a mention

Segways are easy to get to grips with, so join a tour group in the heart of Surfers Paradise and after a quick introduction and practice whiz-about, enjoy a 60-minute scoot from McIntosh Island to Main Beach.

Or how about an ascent of the Q1 Resort Building? Australia's highest building climb. And for those with stomachs of steel, this 270 metre adventure can be done at night - offering the best views of the lit city. Just make sure you’ve got a head for heights.    

HOT tip: For days in the slow lane, head to Currumbin Rock Pools. Crafted by Mother Nature, they’re a 15-minute drive from Currumbin Beach, with varying pool depths and grassy river banks for post-dip sun bathing.


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