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​Worldly Me:
The weekly roundup: ​​3 March 2017

It’s a big ole world out there, and an ever-changing one at that. From digital wizardry to quirky ideas, the downright brilliant and the overly bizarre, here’s what the planet taught us this week.


European Tree of the Year

There are some pretty big events rolling out in 2017, but by far, one of the most important​ is The European Tree of the Year​.


Since it's inception in 2011, ​leaf holders from across the continent have competed for the title of best tree. Now in its sixth year, there are 16 partaking countries and competition's stiff. Those in the running include an 800 year old lime tree believed to bless couples with love in Czech Republic, and an English sycamore tree which starred in the 1991 film, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. You can check out the rest of the shortlisted trees here.

Winners will be announced March 21 at a ceremony in Bruss​els, Belgium. The trees aren't expected to attend.      

Stairs of death, Machu Picchu
Is there anything more ominous than a staircase titled 'The Stairs of Death'. 

Located on the edge of Huayna Picchu mountain in Peru, it is from here you will be rewarded with some of the best views of Machu Picchu​. But with a name as clear-cut as Stairs of Death, you'll certainly know you're in for a perilous hike. 

Looking for a cheap flight to South America? Look no further!

Free Your Feet - FYF socks

For the active relaxer; all those who love to swim, surf, dive and hike, the Swiss made FYF socks are ​your holiday essential. ​

Made by the Swiss Barefoot Company they're made from a stupendously strong fabric called Dyneema, which is 15 times stronger than steel. Tear and abrasion resistant, they provide the freedom of bare​ feet, but with ​more protection than a gummy boot.  

Obscure things to put on your England to-do list


More rugged than Aragorn, Ranger of the North, Lundy Island lies 20km off the coast of Devon. It's a wild outcrop of granite, thrashed by the Atlantic and defined by its windswept cliffs. It's also Lundy Island where you’ll find Britain’s best treasure hunt​: Lundy Letterboxes. Pull on your Deerstalker and get your clue-solving cap on, Sherlock, because there’s a mystery to be solved.

There are 27 letterboxes to be discovered in total (plus a roving Lundy Bunny which is the hardest of them all) all found in curious – and at times precarious – locations. Prepare yourself for slippery scrambles and nooks only accessible at low tide.

Will you find all 27 for the penultimate Lundy clean sweep? 

Keen to try m​ore of England's oddities? We have the full lowdown here. 


Wear up to 15kg of luggage


Reduce the likelihood of additional baggage fees and/or lost suitcases by wearing up to 15kg of your own luggage. The Airport Jacket allows the wearer to stash their laptop, tablet, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, five t-shirts, a jumper and even a camera into the coat​'s lining, which can then be worn to the airport.

Once you've boarded your plane, the entire gadget folds into its own built-in bag ​which can be neatly stowed beneath your seat.