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The weekly roundup: ​10 November 2017

Iceland's tourist board convince us all to visit with a catchy song (and epic ​landscapes such as the awesome caves below), Canada impresses with a potato museum​ (!) and there's a 'Cat Island' in Japan. Enjoy these and more worldly happenings in this week's travel roundup. 


Iceland launches new sing-along tourism campaign


Try watching this without smiling! As part of Iceland's latest tourism campaign, the country's tourist board have released a karaoke style video which challenges those who aren't fluent in Icelandic to join in. Dubbed “The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World”, it ​prompts everyone to join in, and perhaps even master Iceland's notoriously difficult language. 

Give it a go. How well can you sing The A-Ö of Iceland?

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More scandal at ​The Watergate Hotel

At least this time around there are no presidents behaving badly. 

It's been 45 years since the Watergate scandal and to celebrate the hotel's 50th anniversary, the​ Watergate Hotel have transformed room 214 into 'The Scandal Room'.  As one of the most notorious events in 20th-century American politics, in 1972 there was a break-in at The Democratic National Convention headquarters, (conveniently right next to the ​Watergate Hotel) by five-men attempting to wiretap the opposition's office. The then President, Nixon, went on to actively participate in covering up the crime, which in itself was a political disgrace. But did he orchestrate it?... ​We'll probably never know. 

Now you can stay in the very room the bandits stayed themselves, with a unique 2017 twist. It now features newspaper clippings about the scandal on the wall, furniture reminiscent of its 1972 ​decor, a vintage typewriter a​nd cheeky ​hotel robes that read 'Cover ​Up'. 

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Vintage Typewriter

Cats outnumber humans six to one on Japan island  


Originally brought over to cull the growing number of mice, a tiny fishing island in Japan is now over-run by more than 120 cats. Only 22​ people live on Aoshima, off Ehime prefecture, and the human inhabitants are now getting somewhat over-whelmed by both cats, and cat-lovers flocking to see them.

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Love potatoes? You should visit Canada

Everyone should visit the acclaimed Canadian Potato Museum in O'Leary. Here's why:

1. There's a giant potato outside measuring a whopping four metres by two metres. Think of the selfies!

2. Most intriguingly, the museum showcases 14 miniature coffins holding 14 deceased potatoes. This is beca​use the humble tatty is subject to over 260 viruses, bacteria, fungis and infections. Poor luvs. 

3. The Potato Café which is attached to the museum serves mash, fries, potato soup and various baked potatoes. 

4. The cafe's potato fudge is delicious, and quite ingeniously crafted from sugar, chocolate, vanilla, butter and yes, you guessed it, potato. 

What's not to love? Read more about the museum, and 6 other really cool things to do in ​Canada here. 


Houston hotel has a rooftop lazy river shaped like Texas

In what might be the most novel tribute ever gifted to Texas, the outline of the Marriott Marquis Houston​'s lazy river is the same shape as ​the southern state. 

Located on the hotels' rooftop, and a lofty 33 metres above the ground, the lazy river carries guests around 'Texas' within 15 minutes. With an adjacent infinity pool and snazzy bar area, if you're heading off to Houston, be sure to check out Texas too.   

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