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Vacation not hibernation.

Vacation not hibernation

Get out of the grey and into the sunshine.

Hibernation is a state in which an animal is inactive over wintertime. And it’s happening to more and more Kiwis... Human Kiwis.  Kiwi hibernators are likely to be heard saying NO to all winter socialising. A typical response would be that it’s not sunny enough, summery enough, barbecued enough, or warm enough for a beer. Hibernators simply skip over winter.

This year we’ve come up with an alternative to hibernation. And it’s called a vacation. You may also have heard it referred to as a winter getaway or a mid-winter break. It often involves sunshine and beaches, warm climates and sun-drenched pools. It’s really quite dreamy - and well worth getting out of your winter funk for.  

Don’t spend the cold season in an inactive state, spend it in a vay-cay state of mind. Get out of the grey and into the sunshine.

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