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Fiji is re-opening! From December 2021, fully vaccinated Kiwis will be able to travel to Fiji without the need to quarantine in Fiji. 

With talk of easing international travel restrictions for New Zealanders in 2022, Fiji might be one of your planned journeys to come.  However, we understand you may have questions so we’ve put together an FAQ with some general travel information.



The following information is of a general nature only, sourced from publicly information from the New Zealand and Fijian Governments and from suppliers of travel services. Please note that the global situation remains complex and rapidly changing.  While some countries and territories have reopened their borders to travellers, any destination could experience a sudden increase in cases of COVID-19 and a heightened risk to travellers of contracting the virus. Strict travel restrictions could also be imposed suddenly, and you may need to remain overseas for much longer than you had planned. This information may change prior to making or participating in travel arrangements and House of Travel has relied on information provided by Fiji Tourism and other government authorities in compiling the below and is not liable for any inaccuracy or incorrect element of this compiled information. Customers travel at their own risk and must be prepared for changes. 

The information below is applicable to NZ citizens and permanent residents only.




For further information about the Fiji Airways “Fiji’s Open” deals please contact your preferred House of Travel store.

Please be aware that this is general information only and not comprehensive. It may not cover your personal circumstances and is subject to change. Updated as at 20 October 2021.

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