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​Cycling Holidays

Independent, self-guided holidays are ideal for both the serious and weekend cyclist (and give you complete licence to eat all the cheese and drink all the wine you like while on holiday). Base yourself in the countryside but close to train or bus stations to give access to visit those must-see spots.



Cycling holidays in Europe:


Cycling holidays in Asia

Cycling holidays in North America

Top Tips:

 Most airlines allow your bike as your checked in piece of luggage.

✔ Pack your bike gear, helmet, bike shoes in with your bike.

✔ A bike bag is handy but a cardboard bike box with some extra foam and bubble wrap does the trick.

✔ Take your own track, bike pump, spare tubes and basic tool kit - bike shops can be hard to find.

✔ Add your bikes to your travel insurance policy.

✔ Look at a Eurolease vehicle - a cheaper option if you're going for longer than 3 weeks. Pick the model that will allow your bikes to go in the back with the seats down - saves having to break them down and pack them up for each move.

✔ A lot of accommodation have a lockable spot to keep your bike (though most don't mind you taking them to your room).


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