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Personal Details


Travel Consultant


Corner of Alexandra & Sloane Streets
Te Awamutu
Te Awamutu

Why ME?

As an experienced traveler; a lover of food, culture and the arts; someone who much prefers being behind the camera than in front of it; and a sports nut, I look forward to helping make your next adventure as enriching as mine have been.

Image Gallery

  • Masai Mara, Kenya Masai Mara, Kenya
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Christmas Markets in Munich, Germany Christmas Markets in Munich, Germany
  • Hiking to Everest Base Camp, Nepal Hiking to Everest Base Camp, Nepal
  • Petra, Jordan Petra, Jordan
  • Deadvlei, Namibia Deadvlei, Namibia
  • Masai Mara, Kenya Masai Mara, Kenya
  • Christmas in Vienna, Austria Christmas in Vienna, Austria
  • Washington D.C, USA Washington D.C, USA
  • Chichen Itza, Mexico Chichen Itza, Mexico
  • Masai Mara, Kenya Masai Mara, Kenya
  • Zekreet, Qatar Zekreet, Qatar
  • Sunset in Zanzibar Sunset in Zanzibar
  • Chapel in Tromso, Norway Chapel in Tromso, Norway
  • Milford Track, New Zealand Milford Track, New Zealand

Where on Earth do you still want to go?

  • Philippines
  • South America, especially Argentina and Brazil
  • Russia

Useful Apps & Gadgets for Travel

  • HOT app
  • Power bank
  • Travel adaptor
  • Noise cancelling headphones

What I always take on holiday

  • Good books, great music and a hunger for adventure

Where I've Been


Favourite Holidays


Northern Lights in Norway

If the experience of the sun never rising in the arctic winter wasn’t enough, the almost supernatural awe of the northern lights made this trip one to remember. The best way I can describe the northern lights is where magic meets science. The physics behind them is fascinating but the ethereal beauty and the way they dance as though alive captured a more primal part of my imagination.

Gorillas in Uganda

Bwindi National Park is known as impenetrable for a reason. The challenge of hacking through the jungle however just made the experience of seeing the critically endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat all the more rewarding. I couldn’t believe how close we got to these proud creatures – or how beautiful they are.

Food and Italy

Italian cuisine is famous for a reason and the locals’ passion for food proved a catalyst for what has become an obsession of mine. Italy taught me the beauty of simplicity and how la dolce vita only requires a few ingredients.

Everest Base Camp in Monsoon Season

Because two weeks of hiking at altitude wasn’t hard enough, I decided to add monsoon rain to the equation… and it was totally worth it! The couple of days of torrential rain was a small price to pay to practically have the mountains and lodges to myself. Hopping over crevasses at Everest Base Camp was an experience I feel truly fortunate to have had.

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