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133 Victoria Avenue

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  • New York
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  • ATTTO - Level 4

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  • Phone
  • Credit Card
  • Multi Adaptor

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I was lucky enough to visit Krabi in October 2017.
Just one and a half hours away from Singapore, at the southern end of Thailand on the Andaman sea, lies the coastal province of Krabi. A tropical paradise, Krabi boasts spectacular natural scenery, notably limestone cliffs that juts majestically out of emerald green waters as well as outstanding white sand beaches.

Krabi is widely known as a haven for island-hopping, with numerous gorgeous islands just off the coast. Travellers can opt to traverse the sea on the traditional long-tail boats, speed boats or cruises to visit these islands.

Other than the beaches and islands that visitors passionately rave about, Krabi is also home to tranquil mangrove forests, limestone canyons and caves perfect to coast through on a kayak. Tucked deep in the tropical rainforests, one can also find thermal springs and waterfalls.

After a day of fun under the sun, a great way to wind-down is to step into one of the many massage parlours in Krabi. Walking along Ao Nang’s beachfront road, I was greeted by various shops offering an hour’s worth of Thai massage for 200 Baht..
There is also an abundance of more upscale beauty establishments to get your dose of pampering, and I was fortunate enough to enjoy a session of the award-winning hydrotherapy in Wareerak Hot Spring Retreatin Khlong Thom. Soaking in the geothermal pools filled with mineral-laden water in the thick of the lush jungle was a unique spa experience. I now appreciate the magic that is hydrotherapy.

Roaming around Krabi in search of food and adventure gave me plenty of chances to interact with locals as well as to experience Thai hospitality first-hand. Krabi is a welcoming, laid back town with friendly people. I felt their genuine warmth as we greeted each other with the usual Sawadee ka/krap and often found myself lapsing into jokes and conversations with the locals.

PS Be careful of the monkeys, if you have food in your bag you might see it disappear up a tree!

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