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Personal Details


Travel Consultant

195 Stafford Street


Why ME?

Image Gallery

  • Paragliding in Austria Paragliding in Austria
  • Typical tourist Paris photo Typical tourist Paris photo
  • Amazing scenery in Switzerland Amazing scenery in Switzerland
  • Rome Rome
  • Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge

Where on Earth do you still want to go?

  • America - Next big trip on my bucket list
  • Cook Islands - nice relaxing get away

Useful Apps & Gadgets for Travel

  • Travel Adapter/mutli box - 1 plug in a room sometimes just isn't enough
  • Social media - great for keeping in touch with family and friends back home

What I always take on holiday

  • Hand Sanitiser - very handy for any trip
  • Camera - need to capture those unforgettable moments

Where I've Been


Favourite Holidays



After just completing University and working for a year I thought it was time for me to branch out and see what Europe was all about. I decided that it is something I had to do by myself therefore did a Contiki. Best decision of my life, experiencing 7 different countries with all like minded people was a memory I will not forget.
My two favorite places were Switzerland and Austria, spectacular scenery. Being on a tour you embark on activities that you wouldn't normally do at home. I never thought I would pluck up the courage to go paragliding in Austria, but next minute I was running off a hill and taking in some pretty amazing views, this was the highlight of my trip.
I would definitely recommended a Contiki for those who want to get a taste of what is out there and it doesn't matter if you are travelling by yourself as you make a bus load of friends!!


Visiting Anaheim took me back to my childhood, I felt like I was a kid again when experiencing Disneyland. The feel when you walk through those gates was just amazing. 
We had a 3 day hopper ticket which meant that you can go between the two parks (Disneyland and California Park) as much or as little as you wanted over 3 days. I would recommend going to Disneyland first as you then get to experience the true Disney feel when you walk through the gates. 
If you have a family then you can go and have breakfast with some of the Disney Characters. We went to have breakfast with Goofey and his friends at Goofeys Kitchen. 
Navigating around the park, I would recommend downloading the Disneyland App on your smart phone, great tool to see the wait times for the rides. 
Dining in and around Anaheim, you can head to The Garden Walk, which is walking distance from any main hotels, or get an Uber to The Packing District, this takes approx. 5 minutes. Lots of food choice at both. 

If you want to find out more feel free to pop in and have a chat about all things Disney. 

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