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  • Alaska
  • Back to Europe
  • Cambodia

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  • 2013 House of Travel Top Medium Size Outlet
  • 2014 RuralCo Supplier Business Growth & Development Award

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  • Sense of Adventure
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • My togs
  • Comfy Walking Shoes and my Jandals

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In May 2014 I had the privilege to travel to East Africa – what an amazing trip.  Kenya and Tanzania are very vast and very diverse, encompassing desert, rainforest, mountain ranges, lowlands and vast inland lakes.  Africa is a continent rich in dramatic scenery and natural beauty.  I was able to experience the world’s most prolific concentration of wildlife in their natural habitat, experience the warmth of African tribal people and their diverse cultures and beliefs, travel through stunning landscapes and track down the Big-Five in the game reserves.
Our journey begun in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.  From Nairobi we travelled to the Amboseli National Park, best known for its unrivalled views of Kilimanjaro.  We were lucky enough to be able to look over a water hole from our eco tented lodge to where the elephants had their very own plunge pool. 
From Amboseli we left Kenya behind and headed into Tanzania.  The border crossing was an experience I will never forget in the town of Arusha where we headed to the 5 star resort of Escarpment Lodge overlooking Lake Manyara - a very special treat.  We continued on after our overnight to Ngorongoro Crater.  The Crater is a vast unbroken volcanic crater ring and thanks to its permanent water supply and pasture source you are often lucky enough to see the Big Five.  On the day we were there that is exactly what we did see – Elephants, Buffalo, Black Rhinos, Leopard and Lions – a very special day.
From the Crater, Serengeti National Park was our next stop. Arguably the most famous National Park in the World, the Serengeti perhaps defines the safari experience as surely as the wildlife that inhabits it.  Established in 1951, and covering an area of almost 15,000 sq. km’s the area is famous for its short and long grass plans and its vast wildlife.  The principal attraction of the Serengeti is the passing of the wildebeest migration, 1.5 million of them.  We were lucky enough to experience this first hand as we travelled for around 60kms through ½ million of them – everywhere you looked all you could see was wildebeest.  A photo could not capture the view or the noise they made.  I was fortunate and lucky to witness this rare and incredible site.
From the Serengeti we took a short flight to the Masi Mara National Reserve and back into Kenya.  This was the most incredible trip.


Oman is an exciting country and a truly amazing place.  This trip has me very keen to return to the Middle East.  Oman has long prospered on the trade routes which converged in Muscat.  Richly endowed with UNESCO listed forts and castles.  Oman is also blessed with a stunning coastline. 
Muscat has everything from the traditional architecture to fine museums.  The Portuguese fort, old fortified harbour and spectacular Grand Mosque are absolutely amazing.  My two days in Muscat was really just not long enough.   After the time in Muscat we headed inland through the Hajar Mountains  to Nizwa in 4WD vehicles so we could navigate our way around the desert.  In Nizwa we visited the most incredible Vege, Pottery, Gold and Silver Souks (market place) along with the 17th Century Fort.  This fort was used to gain control over the Persians and convert Oman to Islam in the 17th Century.  Our overnight stop was in the golden Wahiba Sands Desert.  The permanent campsite was without power but this did not matter as it was a truly authentic desert camp and had really cool  outdoor  bathrooms.  At this campsite I had the opportunity to ride a camel, toboggan the sand dunes or experience the dunes in  4WD’s.   An experience never to be forgotten!
Ras Al Had is back on the coastline and here I had the opportunity to watch giant sea turtles make their way on so slowly up the beach to nest.  An amazing experience as this turtle reserve is one of the largest in the world.  The Oman people are very proud of this reserve and it is very sacred to them.
Driving along the coastline to Sur, (a local fishing and boat building village) we stopped at a Wahi (watering hole) for a swim.  To access this Wahi we walked down into a canyon to enjoy a swim in this fantastic water.
This trip combined a blend of spectacular landscapes, rich culture, heritage and the unique opportunity to witness marine turtles nesting.
We returned to Muscat and then flew back to Dubai.  Dubai is a perfect introduction to the “Jewel of the Gulf” opening to a world of sun, sand and sensation.   A fantastic stopover on the way to the Middle East or Europe.  Shopping Centres are a huge part of Dubai as they are all air-conditioned and it is incredibly hot in the city.  The “Mall of the Emirates” has a ski slope with a lift so a great experience if you are a keen skier.    The beach area is great with the opportunity to swim in the Persian Gulf  or browse in the many shops along the beach broadwalk.  I spent an evening in the famous “Address”  area.  An amazing area of the world.

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