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I was born here but immigrated to NZ when I was 19.  Cycling is the way to go in Holland and the public transport is also a great way to get around.  Holland has got a long coastline with a great history of flooding which has led to the Delta works.
English is widely spoken.  River Cruising is also a great way to see the country.


I have been to Beijing and loved all the history on offer.  I visited , Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden city, the "Hutongs",  The Great Wall , Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and went to a Kung Fu Show.  Beijing is a city of 20 million and the traffic is insane.  Cars and bikes everywhere. Take care crossing the road !


My latest famil was to Turkey.  I went to Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara and the area of Cappadocia.  Amazing country with lots of history dating back to the Romans and Ottoman empire. Contact me for information and tips.