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Personal Details


International Travel Consultant

Cnr Queen & Charles Streets


Why ME?

Image Gallery

  • Bourgognes, France Bourgognes, France
  • Sahara, Morocco Sahara, Morocco
  • Cinque Terre, Italy Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Twelve Apostles Lodge Johanna, Victoria, Australia Twelve Apostles Lodge Johanna, Victoria, Australia
  • Rufina, Italy Rufina, Italy
  • Sahara, Morocco Sahara, Morocco
  • San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano, Italy
  • Dijon, France Dijon, France
  • Taste of Morocco Taste of Morocco
  • Trevi Fountain, Florence, Italy Trevi Fountain, Florence, Italy

Community & Charity Events

  • A proud supporter of Hospice

Where on Earth do you still want to go?

  • Africa, South America, Cook Islands, Caribbean, India

Useful Apps & Gadgets for Travel

  • The HOT App has so much useful information you will be blown away
  • Google Translate

HOT Awards & Qualifications

  • Certificate in Travel Consultancy
  • NZQA Level 3 and 4 for Tourism and Travel
  • Accredited Cruise Consultant

What I always take on holiday

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Access to a currency converter

Where I've Been


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