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ASB Building 117 Market Street North


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  • Galapagos Galapagos
  • Cloud Forest Cloud Forest
  • Cloud Forest Cloud Forest
  • Galapagos Natures Best Galapagos Natures Best
  • Bwindi Bwindi
  • Gorillas in the mist- Uganda Gorillas in the mist- Uganda
  • Mum and baby Mum and baby
  • Me with the locals taking on the challenge of the wooden bike Me with the locals taking on the challenge of the wooden bike
  • Maasi warrior kenya 2013 Maasi warrior kenya 2013
  • Pigmy man - Uganda Pigmy man - Uganda
  • Cruisin' in Cuba Cruisin' in Cuba
  • Cuba Cuba

Community & Charity Events

  • Cranford Hospice Volunteer
  • HB Mercedes Wine Awards
  • Black Barn outdoor Cinema
  • Lowe Crop Helicopter Trust
  • Frimley School
  • NZ Bowling
  • Life Education
  • Napier Golf

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  • House of Travel App

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  • 2012 Hastings Supreme Business Award WINNERS

What I always take on holiday

  • Berocca and throat lozengers

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Favourite Holidays


Cuba, Portugal & United Kingdom 2017

Watch this space - Jenny is currently away exploring these exciting destinations ...

African Adventures

2006 - Namibia and Botswana

2011- Malawi and Zambia

2013- Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

2014 - Zimbabwe

2015 - Hoping to discover Ethiopia watch this space!

South American Destinations

2009 - Argentina, Iguazu Falls and Brazil

2011 - Chile - Atacama Desert, Patangonia

2012 - Peru - Moonstone trek

2014 - Ecuador

Norfolk Island 2014

Hidden Gem close to home with a
stunning coast line, interesting history and plenty on offer

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands 2014

Ecuador is the hidden gem of South America. It is a compact country offering so much for the traveller, it is considered a destination in itself. A little gem of a country with a huge variety for the traveller, including ‘bucket list’ highlights like the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon.
Once you have ticked these off the list, look further and you will find the wonderfully preserved old city of Quito – a UNESCO World Heritage City, the country province of Imbabura, home to the thriving markets of Otavalo where you can get an amazing culture fix, and the Avenue of Volcanoes - not only with its amazing scenery but also some beautiful historic Haciendas.
Further south you will find the charming city of Cuenca, another UNESCO World Heritage City, which you can easily lose yourself for days. There is such a variety in this small country we recommend up to two weeks to explore!
The Ecuadorian Amazon is ideal for adventurers or science buffs, hosting many protected areas and national parks and the best way to experience this area is staying at a jungle lodge offering excursions to view wildlife, hikes, boat trips and visits to indigenous villages. Cloud forest is great for trekking and wonderful array of birds, particularly the humming bird.
One of the great adventures to put on your list when visiting Ecuador is travelling by the Chiva Express through the Devil's Nose switchback where you will get a birds-eye view of the scenery sitting atop the custom-built train-coach on tracks.
Fly to the Galapagos Islands, 1000km from the mainland and come face to face with untouched and endemic bio diverse wildlife, all differing from island to island. A three night cruise is minimum but we recommend a four or seven night cruise to really appreciate it all. At the Galapagos islands you can snorkel  with sea lions, watch the many vaieties of  land and sea iguanas.

Ecuador is a destination you can travel to in comfort any time. The Galapagos has exciting wildlife happenings any season with snorkelling available all year round with wetsuits provided in winter. The Amazon is rainy and humid between Jan - Sep as would be natural and the lodges kindly provide good old gumboots for your comfort!

It is certainly fine if you do not speak Spanish in Ecuador, but if you can learn "Buenos dias" (Good morning, until 12 noon), "Buenos Tardes" (Good afternoon) and "Buenos Noches" (Good evening) it will be most pleasantly received. Learning how to ask for a white wine or a beer "Un vino blanco por favour" (or replace vino blanco with cerveza) is also a good one to know!

Sri Lanka, Maldives & Singapore 2012

 Singapore, Maldives and Sri Lanka


Peregrine tour which offered the best this wonderful country had on offer in 15 days
food landscape and people

Fiji Fun - 2014

Exploring Denarau and the Mamanuca Islands with the HOT Hawkes Bay team. Great food, happy people and a wonderful destination. Great snorkeling with an amazing array of fish and coral.

I was also privileged to be able to enjoy and explore the Yaswawa Island Group with it's wide variety of resorts and attractions.

A beautiful destination.

South Pacific

Fiji - Sailing around the Northern islands
Rarotonga,  Rest and relaxation, easy and
Vanuatu - 4 trips love the food people and  snorkling
New Calendonia
Tahiti - Moorea and Bora Bora
Niue - Fun island plenty of activity and great snorkling and diving


2009 - Big Island Hawaii - walking and self drive - Hilo to Kona

2013 - Maui and Ohau


Now with the direct flights  this is a haven for beach goers, shoppers and the outdoor person
wonderful health and spa treatments for relaxing
just Bliss

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