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Personal Details


Travel Consultant/PA

192 Papanui Road


Why ME?

Travel can be done so many different ways, and I am happy to accommodate all the different styles of travellers out there. I'd love to share how much there really is to do in Australia and the South Pacific - they're more diverse than you may think!

Image Gallery

  • Rusutsu Snowboarding Rusutsu Snowboarding
  • Sapporo Ice Festival Sapporo Ice Festival
  • Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido
  • The Equator!! The Equator!!
  • The Impenetrable Forest, Uganda The Impenetrable Forest, Uganda
  • Cloud 9 Fiji! Cloud 9 Fiji!
  • Shangri-La Fiji Shangri-La Fiji

Where on Earth do you still want to go?

  • Snowboarding in Switzerland!!
  • Road tripping through Italy & Croatia
  • Adventure through Vanuatu

HOT Awards & Qualifications

  • Aussie Specialist
  • Fiji Matai Specialist

What I always take on holiday

  • "A towel is about the most massively useful thing a traveller can have."
  • A pack of cards

Where I've Been


Favourite Holidays


Fiji Adventures

This March (2020) I was fortunate enough to be part of Fiji Tourism's Matai Famil. It was my first time in the stunning country and I can confidently say I will be back many times over. 

I visited so many different resorts - Yatule, Warwick Fiji, Naviti, Shangri-La, Outrigger, Intercontinental, Pullman, Tropica Island Resort, Plantation Island, and finally Radisson Blue. 

My adventures included the famous Eco-Trax (with Bulanaire Britney), Sigatoka Sand Dunes, Sigatoka River Safari, Cloud 9, and ofcourse lots of snorkelling. 

While Fiji has an abundance of incredible post-card perfect beaches and sunsets, aquamarine and deep blue waters, and 24/7 t-shirt & jandal weather, the thing that really stands out about Fiji is the people. If sounds could be seen, there would be colourful fireworks and party poppers of "Bula!"s exploding everywhere. Such genuine and warm smiles, you become a part of the Fijiian family wherever you go. 

Prepare for a lot of smiles, laughters, and excitement when you go to Fiji.

Topdeck Africa!

2019 I embarked on my journey to Africa with Topdeck! 

Starting in Kenya, we visited some of the national parks before driving through the border to Uganda. On the game drives, we got to see heaps of amazing animals living in the wild plains of Africa. Including zebra, giraffes, baboons, hyenas, warthogs, elephants, rhino, hippos, and heaps more. 

I hiked the Impenetrable Forest to find a family of gorillas amongst the 700 remaining Mountain Gorilla left and got to watch them bask in the sunlight and eat lush leaves from the rainforest.

I finished my time in Uganda with a sunset cruise on the Nile, before finally heading back home. The whole trip was a really amazing and unique experience!!

Snowboarding in Japan!

2017-2018 I spent 4 months in Rusutsu (Hokkaido, Japan) learning to snowboard in fresh powder!! The most stunning mountains and epic snow ever. Learning Japanese from the locals and eating ramen every day! 

I spent some time exploring Tokyo, witnessed the incredible Snow Festival in Sapporo and drank delicious gourmet hot chocolate in Otaru during their Light Festival. An absolutely amazing experience and I dream of going back to the slopes of Japan!

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